Professor Dan Allwood

BSc PhD MInstP CPhys

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Professor in Materials Physics

Professor Dan Allwood
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Professor Dan Allwood
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Sir Robert Hadfield Building
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Dan obtained a BSc (1994) and PhD (1998) in Applied Physics from the University of Hull, where he studied pulsed laser interactions with organic molecules in MALDI mass spectrometry. His post-doctoral research posts were at University of Oxford (laser monitoring of MOVPE III-V semiconductor growth), Imperial College London (creating laser-produced plasmas from Xe gas jets) and Durham University (nanomagnetism and laser-based magneto-optics). 

He moved to the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Sheffield for the start of his EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship in Jan 2005. He has since mainly continued to work on nanoscale magnetism but has also studied bulk magnetic materials, magneto-optics, and 2D materials (transition metal dichalcogenides).


BSc Applied Physics, the University of Hull (1994)

PhD Applied Physics, the University of Hull (1998) - Pulsed Laser Interactions with Organic Molecules in MALDI Mass Spectrometry

Research interests

Current research includes projects on neuromorphic and high speed computing with magnetic domain walls in nanowires, high performance bulk magnetic materials (with VW), and reconfigurable materials


Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers

Research group


  • Dr Guru Venkat (nanomagnetic neuromorphic computing)
  • Alex Welbourne (nanomagnetic neuromorphic computing)
  • Emma Gilroy (nanoscale magnetism)

PhD students:

  • Oliver Found (permanent magnets, VW)
  • Elizabeth Davis-Fowell (permanent magnets, VW)
  • Ian Vidamour (nanomagnetic neuromorphic computing)
  • Alex Goodall (3D printed motors)

Horizon 2020:



EP/T018399/1    Controlling Acoustic Metamaterials with Magnetic Resonances: The Best of Both Worlds

EP/T028661/1    What happens when you cross LEGO and a Star Trek Replicator?

EP/S009647/1    From Stochasticity to Functionality: Probabilistic Computation with Magnetic Nanowires

Teaching activities

Teaches magnetic materials, properties of materials and materials selection in the following undergraduate modules:

  • MAT1643 / BIE2643 (Introduction to Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials)
  • MAT1220 (Introduction to Materials Properties)
  • GEE206 (Mechanical & Functional Behaviour of Materials)
  • MAT2930 (Perspectives in Materials Research)
  • MAT6761 (Functional Nano- and Bio-nanomaterials)
Professional activities

Co-founder with Dr Julian Dean of FlashyScience Ltd to support science & engineering learning using online virtual experiments.

  • Member of the EPSRC Materials Peer Review College
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics