Students and former members

Please find below a list of our PhD and undergraduate students and former members of the Cements@Sheffield group.


Doctoral students 

  • Jack Ambrose - Performance of belitic calcium sulfoaluminate cements
  • Tamara Janey Chidiac - Durability and Service Life Modelling of Alkali-activated concrete, with DuRSAAM 
  • Ella Cliff - Understanding Reaction Mechanisms, Kinetics, and Structural Evolution in Low-Carbon Cements 
  • Lucy Ellwood - Developing novel iron-rich cement
  • Rand Farhan - Novel processes for the sustainable production of industrial inorganic materials, with ALTEK 
  • Cameron Halliwell - Understanding cement-superplasticiser interactions in geopolymer encapsulants for safe disposal of radioactive waste, with Sellafield Ltd
  • Samuel Latimer - Learning from Multi-Decade Aged Cement Samples, with the National Nuclear Laboratory
  • Chun Long Woo - Separation and Utilisation of Materials in Sustainable Decarbonisation of Limestone, with CEMEX
  • Haoliang Jin - Resistance of alkali-silica reaction using thermodynamic modelling
  • Jess McWilliams - Immobilising geopolymers for radioactive liquid organic waste
  • Shaun Nelson - Cements of the future and future nuclear cements, with the National Nuclear Laboratory
  • Charley Nevin - Resolving mass transport and kinetics in radionuclide-loaded geopolymer cement wasteforms, with Sellafield Ltd
  • Zhili Ren - Clinker manufacture mixing minor compositions, with Innovandi
  • Madeline Rihner - Life Cycle Assessment of Low Carbon Cements
  • Siti Rohaidah Yahaya - ecycling concrete from decommissioning nuclear infrastructure
  • Micael Rubens Cardoso da Silva - Novel additives to enhance the performance of low-carbon cements for a NET ZERO future
  • Douglas Scammell - Structural concrete waste from the UK nuclear industry and its application in nuclear waste encapsulation
  • Kajanan Selvaranjan - Macroscopic behaviour of concrete under multi-axial loading at high temperature, with EDF Energy
  • Ava Sjoberg - Understanding Cement-Superplasticiser Interactions in Blended Portland Cement Wasteforms, with the National Nuclear Laboratory
  • Alexander Whyte - Robust, Controllable Geopolymer Binders for Waste Forms, with Sellafield Ltd
  • Boyang Zhan - Understanding the hydration of ferrite in Portland Cement
  • Han Zhao - Sustainable application of cement and concrete by using alternative magnesium binders

Undergraduate/masters students

  • Bhavini Chunilal - Geopolymer wasteforms for radioactive waste disposal
  • Rosalyn Dolan - Reducing CO2 embodiement of alkali-activated materials
  • Hana Lee - Clinker Design for a Sustainable Future
  • Elinor Lowe - Evaluating performance of Ag/AgCl Reference Electrodes
  • Chazha Mafunye - Reducing CO2 embodiement of alkali-activated materials
  • Arthur Monro Bailey - Machine learning to establish optimisation pathways for LC3 and AAM
  • Jamie Pearson - Clinker Design for a Sustainable Future
  • YiHang Qiu - Producing various CaCO3 polymorphs

Former group members/alumni

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