My focus was primarily on developing my knowledge and skills as a Material scientist

Materials MSc Graduate Ebbie Varghese
Ebbie Varghese
MSc Materials Science and Engineering Graduate
Studying at University of Sheffield gave me a great learning experience
Ebbie wanted to develop the Materials Science and Engineering knowledge and skills that he gained at Mahatma Gandhi University by studying a postgraduate degree at the University of Sheffield.

On a positive note - if ambition is all about enthusiasm with a purpose, I am greatly pleased with what I have attained thus far.

After securing my undergraduate degree from Mahatma Gandhi University (Bachelor of Technology) in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, my focus was primarily on developing my knowledge and skills as a Material Scientist. Needless to say, postgraduate study was the best thing to do and my enthusiasm drove me to explore for the best that I could lay my hands on!

Amongst the array of preferences that came up during my research, the most feasible option to choose without much mulling over was the University of Sheffield. Its prestige of being a Russell Group university; the high standards of its faculty and the commendable accreditation of the Material Science department laid all my doubts to rest. Besides, the first-hand testimonials of a few friends and a closer look at the rich heritage and background of Sheffield in the manufacturing of steel and cutlery affirmed my choice.

Due to COVID-19, the need for social distancing resulted in the second term being moved online after a month into the new semester. I am glad to say that the online system that the University of Sheffield uses is totally trouble-free and I have found no reason to complain to date!

All relevant sources have been put on the Blackboard and the gamut of functions are highly useful. The most obvious and significant advantage of the online course is the prospect of pausing the recording anytime, and to be able to review it over and over again is hugely convenient. Most assuredly, our three months of online study has never experienced a decline in the quality of teaching.

Studying at home has given me this incredible opportunity to hone my planning and organising skills as well as fine-tune my ability to multitask. I have also noticed that when lecturers post the lectures and videos online, my proactive skills are spurred into action and thankfully, this has given me a study-life balance.

Sheffield is the ‘greenest’ city in the UK and is situated on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, where I have enjoyed some excellent walks and cycling.  In my experience, accommodation and living costs are lower here than in other large cities which is a great way to save money to do more travelling! I like taking photos during my spare time and there are many beautiful areas in Sheffield and the Peak District which offers the scope of clicking some amazing natural sights. What I love about Sheffield is its student-friendly approach; the safety that it offers to international students and what’s more, the energy seen in the great cafes, bars and restaurants is infectious!

Being in an English-speaking environment is tremendously rewarding, in terms of sharpening my English language skills even further. Academically speaking, I have been clearly benefitted by the combined use of lectures and seminars which ensures that students study several cases from the real business world. This approach contributes immensely in getting a solid theoretical understanding, besides obtaining a clarity on its practical implications in the real world!

Studying at University of Sheffield gave me a great learning experience and a good time!

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