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Resources to inspire 

We are excited to share a range of resources that explain and highlight the importance of research into cement production and alternative cements. 

These are ideal for use in secondary schools, with young people aged 14 to 16, but they can also be used by anyone to explain or gain understanding of cement science. 

Please find the resources below, which are free to download and use. These were created in collaboration with Futurum Careers, a free online resource that encourages students to consider a career in STEM.  

Animation video 

Concrete change: the innovative chemistry of sustainable cement

This video explores: 

  • How cement is the most manufactured commodity in the world 
  • The environmental impact of cement
  • Research into using waste products from other sectors in cement production
  • How the FeRICH project, led by Dr Theo Hanein, is exploring how waste from the steel industry can be used to make cement 

You can also find the script for the animation video here:



Concrete change article

This article delves into the importance of cement research and looks at: 

  • The chemistry of cement 
  • The challenge of using alternative materials in cement production
  • CO2 and the circular economy 
  • The subject of Materials Science and Engineering 
  • Careers in this subject 

Please find the article here:

This article was produced by Futurum Careers, a free online resource and magazine aimed at encouraging 14-19-year-olds worldwide to pursue careers in science, tech, engineering, maths, medicine (STEM) and social sciences, humanities and the arts for people and the economy (SHAPE). For more information, teaching resources, and course and career guides, see


Activity sheet 

Cement Science activity sheet

The activity sheet challenges pupils to present the advantages of using by-products from steel manufacture in cement production to stakeholders. This includes stakeholders from various industries and policy makers. 

It also presents a range of talking points and questions for students, including the benefits of a circular economy and the barriers to introducing innovative processes. 

Please find the activity sheet here:



The front cover of the Materials Science and Process Engineering PowerPoint

This PowerPoint brings together information from the article and activity sheet but also takes a closer look at pursuing a career in materials science and engineering and the career path of Dr Theodore Hanein. 

Please click the link below to download the PowerPoint:  

We hope that these resources are useful and if you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us. 

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