Molecular Spectroscopy

Below you can find descriptions and specifications of our FTIR and UV/Vis spectrophotometer.

Links to resources and further information can be found on the 'Resources' page.

PerkinElmer Frontier FTIR

Our Frontier FTIR allows spectroscopic investigations of the mid infra-red regions. Samples can be analysed using direct transmission - either as a raw material or in a KBr matrix - or via specular reflectance.


  • Structural determination
  • Bonding relations
  • Sample composition


Range - mid IR 7000 to 400cm-1 wave numbers (1.4 to 25μm)
Measuring modes Transmission & specular reflectance
Resolution 0.5 cm-1

PerkinElmer Lambda 900 UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer

Our Lambda 900 Spectrophotometer allows spectroscopic investigation of the UV, visible and near-IR regions of your sample material. Sample holders can accept either solid films or plates, or cuvettes for liquid samples.


  • Quantitative determination of analytes


Wavelength range 185 to 3300nm
UV/Vis resolution < 0.05nm
NIR resolution <0.20nm

+/- 0.08nm UV/Vis

+/- 0.30nm NIR


UV/Vis <0.020nm

NIR <0.080nm

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