Diffraction and spectroscopy

XRF Analyser, Panalytical Zetium (I06)

Wavelength dispersive X-ray Fluorescence system for accurate elemental analysis of solids, powders and liquids

PANalytical Zetium
  • 4kW rhodium X-ray tube for high count rate and sample throughput with automated sample chamber
  • Integrated EDX and Duplex detectors for high throughput and enhanced sensitivity
  • Dedicated monochromator for accurate determination of boron
  • Large area mapping capability (500 micron spot size, 100 micron step resolution)
  • Standard-less analysis capability

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X-ray diffractometer, Panalytical X’pert 3 (I06)

Parallel beam X-ray diffraction system for investigation of phase assemblage of solid and powder samples

PANalytical X'Pert3 X-ray diffractometer
  • Parabolic mirror for parallel beam of Cu Ka radiation
  • 40 position sample changer for high throughput room temperature operation
  • Anton Parr high temperature stage (up to 1200°C in nitrogen, helium, air or vacuum)
  • Grazing angle diffraction for depth profiling of materials
  • Standard-less analysis capability

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Raman Microscope, Horiba XploRA Plus (M06)

Fully confocal Raman spectroscopy with spatial and depth resolution, with autofocus capability

Raman Microscope
  • 50-3200 cm-1 range with 1.4 cm-1 spectral resolution using 532 nm laser (up to 25 mW)
  • Olympus BX research grade microscope for transmission and reflection imaging, with Class 1 laser enclosure
  • Optics: 10x (NA=0.25, WD 10.6mm) and 100x (NA=0.9, WD= 0.21mm)
  • Motorised XYZ stage with 1 micron repeatability in XY, and 0.1 micron in Z
  • Integrated imaging spectrometer with 4 gratings and TE air cooled 1024 x 256 pixel low noise CCD

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X-ray diffractometer, Bruker D2 Phaser (M06)

Routine investigation of phase assemblage of solid and powder samples at room temperature

Bruker D2 Phaser X-ray Diffractometer
  • Cu Ka radiation
  • Theta – theta reflection mode operation
  • LynxEye micro-strip detector for rapid data acquisition
  • Electronic rejection of fluorescent radiation from eg Co, Mn, Fe samples
  • Dedicated data analysis PC

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Mossbauer spectrometer, Wissel MRG-500 (I06)

Investigation of chemical, structural and magnetic properties by Mossbauer effect

Wissel Mossbauer
  • Routine acquisition of Fe-57 Mossbauer spectra, e.g. determination of Fe redox state
  • Capability for acquisition of Sn-119 Mossbauer spectra
  • Conversion Electron Detector (CEMS) for surface sensitive Mossbauer experiments (ca. 200 nm for Fe-57)
  • High temperature capability, up to 1100°C, under reactive gas
  • Low temperature capability, down to 77 K 

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