Electron optics

Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive Spectrometry, Hitachi TM3030 (M06)

Routine imaging and spatially resolved elemental analysis of solid and powder materials

Hitachi TM3030 Tabletop Microscope
  • Low vacuum mode for investigation of non-conducting samples (ESEM)
  • Magnification 30x to 30,000x
  • Accelerating voltage of 5-15 kV
  • Sample size up to 70 mm in diameter and 50 mm thickness
  • Oxford Instruments Quantax 70 EDX detector for microanalysis and element mapping

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Carbon coater, Agar Scientific (M06)

Routine coating of SEM and microprobe samples

Agar Scientific Sputter Coater
  • Dual carbon rod source with current feedback for reproducible carbon coating
  • Manual and pulse mode for heart sensitive samples
  • Film thickness monitor for accurate control of coating thickness if required
  • Standard sample holder holds 12 x 12.5 mm diameter Agar specimen stubs
  • Height of sample stand is adjustable to give a working distance between 25 and 65mm

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Ion beam polishing (Sorby Centre)

Preparation of extremely high quality SEM and TEM specimens using ion beam polishing

  • Gatan Ilion II system
  • For preparation of damage free cross sectional SEM specimens 
  • Gatan PIPS II system
  • For preparation of high quality TEM specimens with exceptionally large, clean and transparent areas
  • Programmable user protocols for high reproducibility

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Advanced electron optics (Sorby Centre)

Access to state of the art facility for high resolution imaging and chemical analysis of materials

Quanta FEG 250
  • Tecnai 20 TEM with CCD and EDX system for high resolution imaging
  • FEI Sirion FEG-SEM with EBSD for ultra-high resolution imaging 
  • FIB SEM for TEM sample preparation
  • Several high resolution TEM and SEM systems with EDX capability
  • Note – analysis of radioactive materials is possible only with selected equipment

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