Professor Beverley J Inkson

MA PhD (Cantab)
Nanostructured Materials

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5925
Fax: +44 (0) 114 222 5943

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Sir Robert Hadfield Building, Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 3JD

Professor Beverley J InksonBeverley joined the department in 2002, moving from The University of Oxford as a Royal Society URF in Nanomechanics. She is Professor of Nanostructured Materials, Director of the Sheffield NanoLAB/RCUK Basic Technology programme in Nanorobotics and Chair of the UK NanoFIB network.

Professional activities and recognition
EPSRC Peer Review College
Deputy-Chair: IOM3 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology committee
European Microscopy Congress scientific programme committee and Chair of the Advances in Ion Microscopy symposium
Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal Materials Characterisation
Member: RMS, IOM3, IOP
Director of PicoFIB

Research interests

  • Mechanical and functional properties of metals and ceramics at the nanoscale
  • Nanotribology; friction and surface wear, nanoindentation
  • Technologies for nanoscale joining/welding
  • Development of SEM/TEM Nanorobotics technologies: to simultaneously image, manipulate and test materials down to the atomic scale
  • Electrical properties of nanostructures
  • Nanoprocessing and nanoanalysis using focused ion beams (FIB)
  • 3D TEM, SEM and FIB microstructural analysis, tomography, in-situ TEM

Research group

  • Dr Aiden Lockwood
  • Dr Umananda Bhatta
  • Dr Kevin Briston
  • Robert Milne
  • Mohammed Elawayeb
  • Wen Zhao
  • Chris Rose
  • Raisa Karolia

Key publications

  • AJ Lockwood, K Anantheshwara, MS Bobji, BJ Inkson, Friction formed Liquid droplets, Nanotechnology, 22, 10, 105703 (2011).
  • K Anantheshwara, AJ Lockwood, RK Mishra, BJ Inkson, MS Bobji, Dynamical Evolution of Wear Particles in Nanocontacts, Tribol Letters, 45, 2, 229-235 (2012).
  • JJ Wang, AJ Lockwood, Y Peng, X Xu, MS Bobji, BJ Inkson, Formation of carbon nanostructures by in-situ TEM mechanical nanoscale fatigue and fracture of carbon thin films, Nanotechnology, 20, 30, 305703 (2009).
  • Y Peng, AG Cullis, BJ Inkson, Bottom-up construction by welding individual nanoobjects using nanoscale solder, NanoLett, 9, 1, 91-96 (2009).
  • Y Peng, AG Cullis, BJ Inkson, Accurate electrical testing of individual gold nanowires by in-situ SEM nanomanipulators, Appl Phys Lett, 93, 183112 (2008) and the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, 18, 20 (2008)
  • F. Elfallagh, B.J. Inkson, Evolution of residual stress and crack morphologies during 3D FIB tomographic analysis of alumina, J. Microsc., 230, 2, 240-251 (2008).
  • G. Möbus, B.J. Inkson, Nanoscale tomography in materials science, Materials Today, 10, 12, 18-25 (2007).
  • M.D. Uchic, L. Holzer, BJ Inkson, E.L. Principe, P. Munroe, 3D Microstructural Characterization using Focused Ion Beam Tomography, MRS Bulletin, 32, 5, 408-416 (2007).
  • M.S Bobji, C.S. Ramanujan, J.B. Pethica, B.J. Inkson, A miniaturized TEM nanoindenter for studying material deformation in-situ, Meas. Sci. Technol., 17, 1324-1329 (2006).