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Preparing for your interview

Interview topic: Powder based additive manufacturing. 

At the University of Sheffield, we believe that research led teaching will prepare our students well for their future careers. The Materials Science & Engineering Department is leading research research needed to solve many of the fundamental challenges, often working with commercial and innovation partners. One example is the EPSRC Future Manufacturing Hub in Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes with state of the Additive manufacturing equipment in the Royce Discovery Centre. To give you a taste of our research-based learning part of your interview will centre on powder-based manufacturing. Below is some information you might find useful during your interview.

Before your interview you should:

Watch this video

Read this paper

Text reads: Materials Today Communications
3D printing a jet engine: An undergraduate project to exploit additive manufacturing now and in the future

A pdf version is available to download here

Powder based manufacturing is used in applications that requires parts or components of complex shapes and/or unique combination of mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Examples include the replication of advanced trabecular structures for medical implants or airframe structures in aerospace applications. The powder manufacturing equipment used to 3D print components will depend on the size of the structural elements as well as the required mechanical properties and surface properties.

Several commercially available powders exist but novel powders and especially those containing small amounts of nanomaterials can extend the range of properties that can be achieved in the printed components.

  • Commonly used for implants is Selective Laser Sintering/Melting (SLS/SLM)
  • Commonly used for aerospace applications is Electron Beam Melting (EBM)

What to expect on the day


This online session will be split into two parts:

  • A formal interview where you will be asked about powder based additive manufacturing followed by an opportunity for you to ask questions and have an informal chat with your interviewer.
  • A Q&A session with a member of our admissions team and a student ambassador. This will either be before or after your interview.

Technical information 

  • The online sessions will be conducted using Zoom and you will be sent joining instructions by email one hour before your scheduled interview. 
  • Please make sure your webcam and mic are working before the session. 
  • When you join the session please use the name you used in your UCAS application. You will also need to have your UCAS ID number to hand. 
  • If you have any technical trouble during the session then please message using the chat function in Zoom. If you are unable to do that please contact Louise Mason by email or phone (+44 114 222 5467)

Your interviewer will be one of the following. Click on their profile if you want to find out more about them.


Additional resources and further reading

If you have time the following resources might give you some further insights and could help you during your interview

The Royce discovery Centre takes materials and processing concepts, and develops these from basic principles through analytical and experimental processes, with the aim of proving the concept in terms of feasibility and applicability for industrial use. 

Royce Discovery Centre Launch 2022

The iForge makerspace is run by student for students. You can access 3D printers for extra-curricular projects (plus lots of other amazing equipment). 

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