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About Mathematics and Statistics at Sheffield

The School of Mathematics and Statistics is home to experts in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and probability and statistics. Their research is helping to bring new understanding to the complex, intricate mathematical structures that the modern world is built on, with applications in disciplines ranging from finance to healthcare.

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Sheffield's pure mathematicians work on some of the most abstract mathematical challenges, in fields including algebraic geometry and number theory. We are an organiser of the Transpennine Topology Triangle, a key focal point for topology research in the UK.

To complement the University of Sheffield’s strengths in bioscience, we also have a critical mass of expertise in mathematical biology, while other researchers apply their expertise to particle astrophysics and cosmology, studying the most fundamental laws of the universe. We host the internationally renowned Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre, one of the UK's largest research groups in the field.

Research in Mathematics and Statistics

We are also training the next generation of mathematicians through our range of undergraduate degrees in mathematics and statistics. This includes a number of dual degree programmes that allow students to study mathematics alongside accounting, computing, economics, management or philosophy: Undergraduate study

We also run a MSc Mathematics masters course and several MSc Statistics courses, and recruit new PhD students to support our research across the pure mathematics, applied mathematics, probability and statistics: Postgraduate study

Staff in the School of Mathematics and Statistics

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