State-of-the-art new telescope captures solar chromosphere

Researchers in the Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP2RC) in the School of Mathematics and Statistics have been capturing incredible images with their new solar telescope.

Image of a solar chromosphere close-up.

The state-of-the-art telescope is capable of observing the solar chromosphere, the region of the Sun where complex physics leads to temperature rises which are still not understood.

It can also capture high-resolution movies, such as the one below which was taken by research associates Dr Jiajia Liu and Dr Chris Nelson. These images detail the make-up of the chromosphere in extremely fine detail.

As well as furthering research, the telescope will be used to train PhD students and showcase SP2RC research at public events.

Professor Robertus von Fáy-Siebenbürgen, Deputy Head of SP2RC, said: "With this nice kit, obtained thanks to School of Mathematics and Statistics support, we will now be able to locally test our mathematical theories, developed by us, and train students to work with real-life data."

Professor Nick Monk, Head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, said: "This new telescope presents excellent opportunities to showcase Sheffield’s internationally leading research in solar physics, illustrating the importance of mathematics in understanding complex processes."

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