elementary symmetric polynomials in three variables three unusual functions

This course extends the knowledge and skills introduced in the year 12 Advanced Problem-Solving course. The course is suitable for students preparing for the MAT examination in November, and for those students interested in doing the SoMaS/FMSP STEP preparation course later in the year. The course is also suitable for those students simply interested in developing their mathematical problem solving skills.

The course is free for all Y13 students. All classes are scheduled 4.30pm to 6pm on the dates in the course schedule. To book places on this course or for further enquiries contact James Cranch at somas-outreach@sheffield.ac.uk.


Subject Date Venue
Algebra Tuesday 12th September 2017 Hicks Lecture Theatre 10
Trigonometry Tuesday 19th September 2017 Hicks Lecture Theatre 10
Series Tuesday 26th September 2017 Hicks K14
Calculus Tuesday 3th October 2017 Hicks K14
Proof Tuesday 10th October 2017 Hicks K14
Inequalities Tuesday 17th October 2017 Hicks Lecture Theatre 3
Vectors Tuesday 24th October 2017 Hicks Lecture Theatre 3