Dr Haluk Sengun

School of Mathematics and Statistics


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Dr Haluk Sengun
+44 114 222 3725

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Dr Haluk Sengun
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Hicks Building
Hounsfield Road
S3 7RH

I got my BSc from Istanbul Bilgi University and my PhD from the University of Wisconsin
at Madison. I held post-doctoral positions at Barcelona, Bonn, Essen and Warwick.

Research interests

I am interested in the cohomology and K-theory of arithmetic groups, automorphic forms, abelian varieties, Galois representations and the mostly conjectural connections between them as envisioned by the Langlands Programme. I especially study the above objects in the setting where the relevant arithmetic groups live in the Lie group PSL(2,C) (such as "Bianchi groups"). I enjoy developing computer programs and carrying out numerical experiments to explore and gain insight.

I am also involved in the construction of a database on Bianchi modular forms (that is, modular forms for GL(2) over imaginary quadratic fields) and related arithmetic data inside the L-functions and Modular Forms Database (LMFDB).


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  • Sengun MH (2014) Arithmetic aspects of Bianchi groups, Computations with Modular Forms Proceedings of a Summer School and Conference, Heidelberg, August/September 2011 (pp. 279-315). Springer RIS download Bibtex download

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Number Theory


Current Grant

A torsion Jacquet-Langlands Transfer via K-theory EPSRC
Teaching activities
MAS220 Algebra
MAS430 Analytic Number Theory