Class of '22 Mechanical Engineers

Congratulations to the Class of '22 on their graduations as Mechanical Engineers

A group graduates

As a Department we love to share in the success of our students and are excited in seeing them develop during their journeys here in Sheffield.  As such we were pleased to be able to share in their graduation and prize giving, with this year's awards being given as follows:

James Rayson - Mappin Medal and Premium
Andres Bereznev Matyuschenko - Baker Prize and Hector Aitkin Wainwright Prize
Philomenah Holladay - Daniel Doncaster Prize in Engineering Materials and Design
Ahmed Elhabushy - The Chris Wilson Prize for Technical Communication

We also recognise the outstanding contributions that students can make to the department and the University, beyond their own academic performance.  Our award winners this year are:
Fiona Brown - Richard Pover Outstanding Contribution Award
Todd Clapham - Richard Pover Year in Industry Prize
Georgios Boufidis - The Marjorie Malik Award for Mechanical Engineering, Communication and Outreach

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers accredit all of our degree programmes, and has been awarding our students for their achievements for a number of years. Jonathan Fewings, South Yorkshire Chairman, joined us to help congratulate the recipients of this year’s IMechE Prizes:
Georgios Boufidis - The IMechE Institution Best Project certificate and medal
James Rayson - The Frederic Barnes Waldron Best Student certificate and medal

IMechE Best Project Certificates:
Andres Bereznev Matyuschenko - BEng in Mechanical Engineering
Alice Smith  - MEng with a Year in Industry
Alastair White - MEng with Nuclear Technology with a Year in Industry
James Menzel - MEng with Biomechanics
Fiona Brown - MEng with German
Michael Lester - MEng with Spanish

IMechE Best Student Certificates:
Andres Bereznev Matyuschenko -  BEng in Mechanical Engineering
Chris Mookken - BEng with a Year in Industry
Georgios Boufidis - MEng in Mechanical Engineering
Fiona Brown - MEng with German
Michael Lester - MEng with Spanish
Karim Elshorbagi - MEng with Nuclear Technology
Danica Moore - MEng with Biomechanics 
Alastair White - MEng with Nuclear Technology with a Year in Industry

We are immensely proud of all of our students and everything that they have achieved whilst they have been Mechanical Engineering students here in Sheffield.  We look forward to hearing about their impactful accomplishments in the future.  Congratulations and good luck to them all.

Students outside engineering buildings

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