Railway Challenge at Sheffield (RCAS) team success in competition

RCAS team finishes in 4th place in closest competition for years

Railway Challenger at Sheffield team

Our Railway Challenge at Sheffield (RCAS) recently took part in the 2023 IMechE Railway Challenge Competition at Stapleford Miniature Railway.

We’re thrilled to share that the team finished in 4th place overall, winning the Technical Poster Challenge and the Innovation Challenge, as well as taking second place in several other areas, such as the Refuelling Challenge and the Traction Challenge. The competition this year was the most competitive for several years, with the top three teams finishing just 16 points apart so this is a great result for RCAS and we’re proud of their success.

In just one year the team designed and built an entirely new, single-body locomotive, and was able to compete in all the challenges this year. This included taking part competitively in all the dynamic challenges for the first time ever - a real achievement given the scale of manufacturing ambition this year – and the team achieved their highest overall competition score to date by a significant margin!

RCAS was once again complemented by the judges and other teams for lending and aiding with technical expertise, and equipment - everything from bolts, spirit levels, even cable ties to keep the steam spectator train running! It’s good to see their sense of fair play and support of their competitors and we applaud them for this as well.

We congratulate all members of the team on their success this year and we look forward to seeing their progress in the years to come.