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Mathieu Lucquiaud
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Professor Mathieu Lucquiaud
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Mathieu Lucquiaud is Professor of Clean Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has a first degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA Lyon, France ) in 2004 and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, UK in 2010.

He joined the University of Sheffield in 2022, after 12 years in the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh where he was a post-doctoral Research Associate (2010), Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow (2012), Senior Lecturer (2016) and Reader (2019).

He is a member of the Energy Institute at the University of Sheffield.

In 2018, Mathieu launched the first Massive Open Online Course on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to increase awareness and understanding of the key role of CCS towards climate change mitigation. The course has now been taken by over 25,000 people in over 150 countries.

Research interests

Mathieu's research is aimed at developing climate change technologies necessary to achieve a zero-carbon society, with a focus on capture capture technologies, zero carbon electricity and hydrogen and the decarbonisation of heavy industries.

His research combines modelling with techno-economics, experimental work and pilot scale work at the Translational Energy Research Centre to develop technologies to stop CO2 from entering the atmosphere, and technologies to remove the excess of CO2 in the atmosphere.

He is interested in de-risking these technologies towards commercial deployment and making them fit for purpose for their role in decarbonising future energy systems.


  • Coal, gas, biomass power stations with CO2 capture
  • Flexible CO2 capture in zero carbon energy systems
  • Post-combustion CO2 capture with solvents
  • Hydrogen production with CO2 capture
  • Negative emission Technologies/Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies
  • Direct Air Capture
  • Negative emissions in the Waste sector

Journal articles


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  • Finney KN, Chalmers H, Lucquiaud M, Riaza J, Szuhánszki J & Buschle B () Post-combustion and Oxy-combustion Technologies, Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS): Unlocking Negative Emissions (pp. 47-66). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd RIS download Bibtex download

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