Dr Xiancheng Yu

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lecturer in Brain Biomechanics

Xiancheng Yu
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Dr Xiancheng Yu
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Pam Liversidge Building
Mappin Street
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I'm currently a Lecturer in Brain Biomechanics and my journey into this field began with a Ph.D. in Brain Biomechanics from Imperial College London, funded by the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies, completed in 2020.

Following my Ph.D., I spent three years at Imperial College as a postdoctoral Research Associate and Research Fellow, further deepening my expertise.

My foundational academic background was built at Northwestern Polytechnical University, where I earned both my bachelor's and master's degrees.

Research interests
My research is centered on the biomechanics of traumatic brain injuries (TBI), with a particular focus on understanding their mechanisms, developing protective measures, and advancing wearable sensor technologies for real-time monitoring of head impacts.
Through computational modeling and experimental studies, I aim to improve diagnostic methods and protective strategies against TBI, enhancing safety in sports, transportation and working environment.

If I were to explain my research to a 10 year old I would say: I study how to protect the brain from injuries that can happen during sports or accidents. It's like figuring out the best way to keep an egg from cracking if you were to drop it.
I look into how injuries happen, how to make helmets and protective gear better, and how to use technology to warn us when a hit might be dangerous.
My goal is to make sure people can stay active and safe, understanding the best ways to guard our brains against harm.

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