Dr Spiridon Siouris

MEng, PhD, MRAeS, FHEA, CEng

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Fellow, Aviation Fuels and Lubricants

Spiridon Souris
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Dr Spiridon Siouris
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ella Armitage Building
40 Leavygreave Road
S3 7RD

I am a Research Fellow in Aviation Fuels and Lubricant thermal stability and a Chartered Engineer. I studied Mechanical Engineering as an undergraduate in Sheffield and this is where I got introduced to the wonderful world of fluid mechanics and heat transfer. I carried out my final year project with the Aerodynamics group on Blended Wing Body aircraft which won the IMechE's best project prize in 2004.

I carried out PhD research at Sheffield for an EU FP7 project and Rolls Royce, which involved setting up a large scale test facility (one level prior to gas turbine testing) for investigating lubricant and system interactions, as well as developing modelling software for chemically reacting flows and lubricants. I continued this work as Research Associate with funding directly from Rolls Royce.

In 2010 I moved back to the Aerodynamics group to investigate Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) models with application on flow control devices for drag reduction and separation control for an EU-China funded consortium of academia and industry, including Airbus. I developed modelling capability in a CFD solver for plasma based flow control which brings significant advantages over other active flow control devices.

From 2014 I have been conducting research activities in aviation fuels and fuel system design, mainly funded by Rolls Royce and UKRI using a combination of experimental and numerical techniques, and in 2017 I was promoted to Research Fellow. Since 2020 my work has solely focused on developing numerical models and software for predicting fuel thermal degradation and deposition in aero engines. My latest work involves developing predicting capability for how filters block in an engine, and their effect in the downstream fuel's chemical composition, as well as looking at the performance of sustainable aviation fuels from different means of production.

Over the years I have supported Masters and PhD students, and delivered and led three undergraduate modules in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer. In 2019 I became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research interests
  • Aviation fuels (conventional and sustainable), and lubricants
  • Fuel and lubricant system engine design.
  • Large scale experimental testing (TRL5) for aviation fuel and lubricant systems.
  • Modelling chemical thermal degradation and deposition in fuel and lubricant systems in aviation gas turbines.
  • Numerical optimisation, including chemical reaction rate parameters.
  • High performance computing and scientific software development.
  • Aerodynamic optimisation.
  • Turbulence modelling.
  • Active and passive aerodynamic flow control, including plasma based actuators.

Journal articles


Conference proceedings papers

  • Abu Saleh A, Siouris S, Hughes K, Yuan R & Pourkashanian M (2023) Assessment of mixtures of iso-pentanol and Jet A-1 for use in aviation gas turbine engines. AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum RIS download Bibtex download
  • Lu G, Siouris S, Yan Y, Wilson CW & Cornwell S (2004) Concurrent measurement of combustion oscillation and temperature of multiple flames in a simulated gas turbine. Conference Record - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Vol. 2 (pp 1112-1115) RIS download Bibtex download
  • 2023-2027, £350k, PI, Advancing Bio-Derived Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Supergen Bioenergy Hub, EPSRC & BBSRC.
  • 2023-2024, £81k, PI, Sintered filters model validation, Rolls Royce plc.
  • 2021-2023, £192k, PI, Development of filtration and spill modelling capability in aviation turbines, Rolls Royce plc.
  • 2020-2023, £214k, Co-I, Development of fuel chemical kinetics mechanism, Rolls Royce plc.
  • 2020, £35k, Co-I, Fuel chemical analysis, Rolls Royce plc.
  • 2020, £10k, PI, Fuel thermal stability instrumentation review, Rolls Royce plc.
  • 2020, £13k, Co-I, Vapour pressure test campaign, Airbus.
  • 2019, £1.5k, PI, Investigation of wall shear stresses on impinging jets – OpenFOAM study, SURE, University of Sheffield.
  • 2018, £1.5k, PI, Investigation of wall shear stresses on impinging jets – ANSYS study, SURE, University of Sheffield.
  • 2017-2020, £826k, Co-I, Fuel injector cocking and autoxidation prediction (FINCAP), EC Horizon 2020.
  • 2017-2018, £135k, Co-I, Continuation of fuel lifing and thermal stability experiments and modelling, Rolls Royce plc.
Teaching activities
  • AER293 Applied Aerospace Thermodynamics
  • CPE402 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • CPE6020 Computational Fluid Dynamics
Professional activities and memberships

Professional Memberships:

  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Member of the Royal Aerospace Society (MRAeS)