IPE61007: Applied Modelling Skills & Virtual Reality

Spring Semester
Optional on Programmes: MECT40, MECT50, MECT53

Applied Modelling Skills & Virtual Reality

“The course aims to open the frontier in using the state-of-the art technologies for inter-disciplinary applications and communications to a wider audience.”

Professor Damien Lacroix, Module Lead

Module Description

This module aims to combine computational modelling with state-of-the-art virtual reality and demonstrate the synergistic value of these technologies. Students will apply advanced finite element and finite volume modelling skills to investigate biomechanics problems associated with both cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, and deliver their results in the virtual reality format. Students will also experience clinical radiation technologies such as X-ray and Angio systems through VR. The course involves a combination of theory (lectures) and computational labs. Students will use the virtual reality tablets to study human anatomy and the virtual reality lab to deliver their final presentations.

Key Concepts & Assumed Knowledge

Finite element analysis, biomechanics.

Teaching Methods

•    Traditional lectures

•    Computer labs

•    Virtual reality labs

•    Independent learning

Assessment Methods

• 50% Individual Report: Each student will write an individual report on a piece of modelling work they did in order to aid clinical planning and decision making.

• 40% Virtual Reality Presentation: Each student will deliver a short presentation to a panel where they communicate their modelling results using the most effective technology of their choice: virtual reality, 3DPDF, etc.

• 10% 3DPDF Report: Each student will generate a mini report using 3DPDF.

Module Aims

• Provide an overview of the latest technology in communicating computer modelling results with a wider audience, including clinicians and partners in industry.

• Provide hands-on experience to solve a clinical problem using finite element approach.

• Opportunity for you to present your work using the most advanced virtual reality technology.

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