Catalan is a Romance language spoken in Northern Spain, Southern France, Andorra, the Balearic Islands, and in the city of Alguer (Alghero) on Sardinia.

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What do our students think about Catalan Studies at The University of Sheffield? Why do they recommend studying Catalan with us? Sam Andrew, graduated in July 2022, answered these questions.

Why studying Catalan is a great opportunity? Listen to these students and discover #whyCatalan is a great choice. If you want the languages you speak to make you stand out, then Catalan is for you!

Languages for All Modules

These general language modules are open to all students (for credits or not), members of staff, and members of the public.

Available on a semester basis (11-12 weeks), they aim to develop language competence and cultural knowledge for professional and recreational purposes through small group weekly classes and guided independent learning.

If you are unsure about your level, let us know when applying and we will invite you for a short placement interview to understand your previous experience and current needs.


You have no previous experience of learning the language.


You have studied the language for one to two years, possibly have (the equivalent of) a good GCSE, and can interact with 'friendly' native speakers in common, expected situations.


You have studied the language for some years, possibly have (the equivalent of) a good A-Level, and can interact quite naturally with native speakers in standard situations. You want to gain in fluency and accuracy in more advanced situations.

Higher Advanced +

You are an advanced user of the language and have had opportunities to demonstrate your effective communicative skills in the field. You want to gain in sophistication and accuracy in specific situations.

Degrees with Catalan in the School of Languages and Cultures 

These modules are for undergraduate students undertaking a languages degree with the School of Languages and Cultures.

They are intended to build your proficiency in Catalan over the years up to a near-native speaker level, taking into account any previous experience of the language you may have, whilst supporting your study of Catalan culture in other modules. 

Please visit the Catalan Studies website for information on available degrees and culture-related modules.

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Year 2

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Year 4

Ab initio pathway without a Year Abroad:

Ab initio pathway with a Year Abroad:

Certificates in Catalan language from the Institut Ramon Llull 

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Students of the University of Sheffield and members of the public can take examinations at the MLTC leading to the award of official certificates in Catalan language delivered by the Institut Ramon Llull (IRL).

The certificates, aligned on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and recognized internationally, are a useful means of demonstrating one’s linguistic competence in Catalan, both spoken and written.

Examination sessions are held in May-June, usually on a Saturday, and available in up to 5 levels depending on demand. For more information on these examinations, including how to register, please visit the IRL website. You can also contact the MLTC at for additional support.

Although MLTC Catalan courses include a preparation for this certification scheme, please note that registration to the exams is independent from registration on an MLTC course and incurs a fee payable directly to IRL.