Which level?
  • Entry requirements are provided as an indication and equivalent qualifications or experience are also acceptable.
  • Previous MLTC modules: Unless otherwise stated, a final mark of at least 48% (55% for Master students taking the module for credits) is usually recommended for progression to the next level. A higher minimum (>) mark may sometimes be required. If a maximum (<) mark is indicated, you cannot choose this module if you obtained a higher mark in the previous module.
  • Qualifications (GCSE / AS Level / A Level): Qualification requirements take into account the fact that you obtained the qualification some time back: typically the previous year to two years before when applying for A-level courses, 1 to 3 years before for AS-level courses, and 2 to 4 years before for GCSE courses. For all modules, the learning curve is progressive and based on an initial revision of previous learning, both practical and theoretical.
  • CEF: The Common European Framework of reference for languages is used by many language teaching institutions and awarding bodies across Europe to define a learner’s level of proficiency in a language according to ‘can do’ statements, starting at level A1 for beginners up to level C2 for proficient users.
  • The level that suits you best may not be the one corresponding to the guidelines below if, for instance, you obtained your qualification a very long time ago or spent some time in a country where the language is spoken after gaining your qualification. In such cases, you may be asked to attend a short interview with the Language Co-ordinator on enrolment so that they can assess which level suits you best. Alternatively, you may be asked or may ask your tutor to change level within the first two weeks of teaching if the level you are in is blatantly not the one you should be in. However, please also note that you cannot be accepted on a module if your language level meets the entry requirements of a higher level module.

General modules for all

General language modules are open to all students (for credits or not), members of staff, and members of the public. They aim to develop language competence and cultural knowledge for professional and recreational purposes through small group weekly classes and guided independent learning. When enrolling, all modules are worth 10 credits or equivalent.

Entry Requirements *
Entry Requirements *
No previous learning experience
No previous learning experience MLT101A/B, GCSE grade C/D, CEF A1
MLT101A/B, MLT102 (< 55%), GCSE grade B-D, CEF A1 MLT151, GCSE grade A/B, CEF A1+
MLT102 (> 55%), MLT152, GCSE grade A*/A, CEF A2 MLT201, GCSE grade A*, AS Level grade B/C, CEF A2/B1-
MLT202, AS Level grade A-C, A Level grade D/E, CEF B1- MLT225, AS Level grade A, A Level grade B-D, CEF B1-/B1
MLT226, A Level grade A-C, CEF B1+ MLT260, A Level grade A, CEF B1+/B2-
MLT261, A Level + 1 year or stay abroad, CEF B2 MLT310, A Level + 1 year or stay abroad, CEF B2+
MLT311 (> 65%), A Level + 2 years or long stay abroad, CEF C1 MLT350, A Level + 2 years or long stay abroad, CEF C1+

Specialist modules for STEM students

French-English face-to-face Tandem Modules:

Tandem modules offer native speakers of two different languages the opportunity to work together in order to learn each other's language and to develop a knowledge of the target culture and community. Participants meet face-to-face with their partner once a week, in their own time and place, and help each other through friendly corrections and advice, completing a series of tasks based on their learning interest and needs as identified with the module supervisor.

These modules are usually offered in the Autumn semester only. English native speakers can only take these modules for credits, usually in addition to the corresponding general language module above. Erasmus French native speakers can, but do not need to take these modules for credits. Places on these modules depend on the availability of a partner in the target language. Please contact the Language Coordinator for further information.

Entry Requirements *
MLT226, A level grade A-C, CEF B1+
MLT261, A level + 1 year or stay abroad, CEF B2
MLT311 (> 65%), A level + 2 years or long stay abroad, CEF C1

Project Modules: 

These modules are for credited students and are usually taken in the Spring semester only, in addition to the corresponding general language module above. Please enquire with the Language Coordinator before enrolling on one of these modules.

Entry Requirements *
MLT225, AS level grade A, A level grade B-D, CEF B1-/B1
MLT260, A level grade A, CEF B1+/B2-
MLT310, A level + 1 year or stay abroad, CEF B2+
MLT350, A level + 2 years or long stay abroad, CEF C1+

Year Abroad Modules:

These modules are only for STEM students undertaking a year abroad as part of their degree. Please enquire with the Language Coordinator before enrolling on one of these modules.

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