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General modules for all

General language modules are open to all students (for credits or not), members of staff, and members of the public. They aim to develop language competence and cultural knowledge for professional and recreational purposes through small group weekly classes and guided independent learning. When enrolling, all modules are worth 10 credits or equivalent.

Entry Requirements
Course (Autumn)
Entry Requirements
Course (Spring)
No previous learning experience MLT157, RUS115, RUS123, RUS225, GCSE grade C/D or 3/4, CEF A1
MLT158, RUS116, RUS124, RUS226, GCSE grade A or 7/8, CEF A2 MLT257, RUS3081, GCSE grade A* or 8/9, AS level grade B/C, CEF A2/B1-
MLT258, RUS3082, A level grade A-C, CEF B1+ MLT308, RUS383, A level grade A, CEF B1+/B2-

Specialist module for BAML students

Polish Society and Culture

(Available in 2019/20 only).

Entry Requirements
Course (Year-long)
RUS116, RUS124, RUS226, GCSE grade A, CEF A2

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