Russian is spoken by 250 million people in the world. It’s a distant cousin of English, a relative of Slavonic languages like Czech and Polish, and a gateway to diverse cultures and career paths.

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Languages for All

These general language modules are open to all students (for credits or not), members of staff, and members of the public.

Available on a semester basis (11-12 weeks), they aim to develop language competence and cultural knowledge for professional and recreational purposes through small group weekly classes and guided independent learning.

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Degrees with Russian in the School of Languages and Cultures 

These modules are for undergraduate students undertaking a languages degree with the School of Languages and Cultures.

They are intended to build your proficiency in Russian over the years up to a near-native speaker level, taking into account any previous experience of the language you may have, whilst supporting your study of Russian culture in other modules. 

Please visit the Russian & Slavonic Studies website for information on available degrees and culture-related modules.

Year 1

Ab initio / Post-GCSE pathway:

Post-A-Level pathway:

Year 2

Ab initio / Post-GCSE pathway:

Post-A-Level pathway:

Year 4

Ab initio / Post-GCSE pathway without a Year Abroad:

Ab initio / Post-GCSE pathway with a Year Abroad:

Post-A-Level pathway: