MLT6061/6062 Enhanced Languages Project
University credits 5
University levels 7
Pre-requisite N/A
Co-requisite Enrolment on a 10-credit Languages-for-All module in the same semester.
Public Postgraduate Students (PGT Students) taking a language with the Languages for All Programme for credits.
Teaching period - MLT6061: Autumn semester
- MLT6062: Spring semester
See: Timetables & course dates
Contact times Introduction meeting in week 2. Two Seminars, 2 hours in Week 4 and 2 hours in Week 9.
Group size Maximum of 22 students.

The module aims to enable MA students taking a foreign language module with the Languages for All Programme to engage further with their learning process and the language itself using a more analytical and independent approach.

Students will be asked to identify their language learning needs in relation to their Postgraduate studies and will learn ways to explore and develop strategies to become more effective independent language learners. They will develop their analytical skills by focussing on a specific aspect of the language system and by exploring specific language features of their choice in a sociolinguistic perspective.

Most of the work will be carried out independently but students will also attend one introductory meeting and two seminars introducing the theoretical and practical framework for the completion of the Enhanced Languages Project and providing a forum for the discussion of appropriate research options.

Emphasis is set on:
- developing clear strategies to evaluate own language learning needs in relation to Postgraduate area of study
- developing awareness of different language learning techniques and becoming a more effective independent learner
- developing a more analytical and systematic approach to the study of a new language system
- enhancing knowledge of a specific aspect of the language system
- developing awareness of the issues and theories related to sociolinguistics
- developing analytical awareness of how different cultural and social contexts affect the way language is used

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

1) Articulate how studying a language has benefitted their Postgraduate studies
2) Set their learning goals, demonstrate awareness of different language learning techniques and materials and adopt effective learning strategies in their independent study
3) Analyse an area of the language system studied in a systematic and independent manner
4) Show awareness of a variety or resources and methods that can be used when analysing a language system
5) Demonstrate awareness of the socio-linguistic approach to languages
6) Consider the effect that social factors and context have on a specific language mode

Set Textbook:   

Recommended Textbooks:
Reading list provided on MOLE.
Assessment & Feedback

Summative assessment (compulsory for credited students):

Project Portfolio comprising of two tasks.
Students will be asked to submit specific sections of the portfolio at key points during the semester. The final module mark will be capped if the submissions are late (please check the MOLE site for more information).
Final submission of the Project Portfolio: Wednesday of Week 12. Standard lateness penalties will apply.

Validation & Recognition Postgraduate modularised accreditation.
Module Leader Anna Ferrarese