Catalan Studies Symposium

The University of Sheffield and Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) are organising a Conference about Catalan Studies the 17th and 18th of May.


The University of Sheffield and Institut Ramon Llull (IRL) are organising a Conference about Catalan Studies the 17th and 18th of May. There will be talks and workshops by people from our university, as well as from other institutions. The main focus will be didactics of Catalan as a foreign language, but there will also be an approach to Catalan culture and history. Furthermore, on the 18th afternoon, the first Catalan Studies Symposium will take place and PhD students from universities across the UK and Ireland will talk about their researchers, with the collaboration from Arts & Humanities Research Council and White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities. 

WEDNESDAY 17th of May

13.15h – 13.30h Words of Welcome

Professor Susan M. Fitzmaurice, Vice President and Head of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Louise Johnson, Director of Catalan Studies 

Marc Dueñas, Head of London Office at Institut Ramon Llull

13.30h – 14.45h Workshop

Subtitling, a didactic resource with great potential

Pol Masdeu Cañellas, University of Sheffield Núria Massot, University of Sheffield

14.45h – 15.00h Coffee Break

15.00h – 16.00h Workshop

British Historians and Catalonia

Professor Mary Vincent, University of Sheffield

16.00h – 17.15h Internal meeting: Catalan Studies lecturers in the UK and Ireland

17.15h – 18.00h Campus tour with Catalan students 

THURSDAY 18th of May

09.00h – 10.00h Workshop

Challenges in the translation of lliterature from Catalan to English
Dr Louise Johnson, University of Sheffield

10.00h – 10.15h Coffee Break

10.15h – 11.50h Presentations by XarxaLlull lectors

Recording a true crime podcast episode to practise past tenses in Catalan (A2)

Daniel Bastús Castiella, Maynooth University

Society and culture content at the university: another way to expand the Catalan Countries’ visibility
Laia Darder, Sheffield Hallam University

Post pandemic assessment: challenges and suggestions for returning to face-to-face assessment
Maria Ribas Tur, Cardiff University

From the Virgin Mary to Snow White via Robin Hood: explaining Quim Monzó’s narrative
J. Àngel Cano Mateu, University of Leeds

12.00h – 13.00h Lunch

13.00h – 16.00h Catalan Studies Symposium

Diamond - Lecture Theatre 9

Using Ildefons Cerdà’s theory of ‘urbanización’ as a critical framework in literary studies

Matthew Oxley, University of Sheffield

Anarchist social life in Catalonia: intimacies, parenthoods/childhoods, friendships, and workplaces
Sophie Turbutt, University of Leeds

Solidarity versus separatism? The anarchist critique of Catalanisme during the 1920s and 1930s
Joshua Newmark, University of Leeds

Linguistic hospitality in contexts of complex linguistic diversity

Mireia Gómez Martínez, University College Cork 

14.15 – 14.30h Coffee Break

An overview: The Renarration of Mercè Rodoreda: Translating Female Voices of the Spanish Civil War from Catalan into English
Daisy Towers, University of Leeds

Measuring domestication and foreignization through inter-rater reliability in re-translations of Mercè Rodoreda’s La Plaça del Diamant
James Robert Turner, Swansea University

Iberian studies through the lens of combined and uneven development: the world-system in literature, translation and multicultural exchange Andrea Lawrence, University of Warwick University and Monash University

The ‘noves dramatúrgies’: situated performance art in contemporary Catalonia (2008-2020)
Marta Duran Arranz, University of St Andrews