STEM and languages degrees

At the University of Sheffield, students can study science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees with a language or the option to study in Europe.


These degrees give students the opportunity to study abroad as part of their third year, giving them a diverse student experience but also giving them an advantage when beginning their careers.

Many international employers seek people with language skills. Learning a language provides you with the skills to adapt to different business environments and to operate with greater cultural agility and insight.

The MLTC provides the languages component to these STEM degrees in French, Spanish and German.

Below you will find a list of the STEM degrees on offer with The University of Sheffield along with a credit breakdown for the language component per year. The right hand tab provides more information on the modules available by language. In order to study one of the following STEM degrees, you must have a minimum of a GCSE in the language you wish to study.

If you do not have the appropriate level for a STEM degree, you can study a language with us as part of the wider Languages for All programme at the University of Sheffield.

STEM degrees with a language component

Click on a programme title link for more information on the language modules available for that course.

Credits shown below are core language credits. Optional credits are shown in brackets. The programme codes listed above are not the same as UCAS codes, with which students may already be familiar.

Level 1 credits Level 2 credits Level 3 credits Level 4 credits
MASU12 MMath Mathematics with Spanish Language A-level 40 40 20 40
MASU13 MMath Mathematics with French Language A-level 40 40 20 40
MASU14 MMath Mathematics with German Language A-level 40 40 20 40

Note: Unless a language is specified, programmes are available with French, German, Italian or Spanish.

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