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Xiaoyu Jia (Sharon)
Xiaoyu Jia (Sharon)
Undergraduate student
BSc Chemistry
Sharon came from China to study chemistry in Sheffield, and developed a passion for research that she hopes to take into her career.

I have been a science fan since a very early age, and in high school my chemistry grade was much better than other subjects, so I chose chemistry as one of my major selections.

Professional knowledge was taught thoroughly in Sheffield, and the excellent education helped me to understand chemistry in a systematic way. The project component of my course enhanced my interest in research, so I hope to do further study or research after graduation.

Furthermore, the University of Sheffield is a university with nice people and first-class facilities. Staff and students are always kind and willing to offer me their help when I am in need. The 24-hour libraries make it possible to follow a flexible study schedule.

The University of Sheffield is also an international university, with many students coming from abroad. So I got the chance to meet friends with various cultural backgrounds.

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