Dr Alex Ramadan

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Lecturer in Energy Materials

PHY Alex Ramadan
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Dr Alex Ramadan
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Hicks Building
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My research is focussed on new and emerging semiconductors and using them to develop technologies which can help to tackle climate change. I have a current focus on energy generation (through solar photovoltaics) and reducing energy consumption (more efficient light emitting diodes).

Much of my research is currently centred on metal halide perovskite semiconductors. Photovoltaics based on these materials are now rivalling silicon-based photovoltaics in terms of efficiency, a particularly impressive feat given this development has taken < 15 years, and now the challenge is ensuring their long-term stability so they can be used for real world deployment.

I am interested in understanding the surfaces and interfaces of optoelectronic devices based on metal halide perovskites and how this relates to their physical and electronic properties. Understanding this relationship will allow us to develop ways to improve the stability of metal halide perovskite devices and help them successfully enter the commercial market.This research is broad and interdisciplinary, covering the chemistry, physics, and materials science of these new and emerging semiconductors.

Alongside my research I am passionate about improving diversity and research culture in physics.