Mathematics and statistics student profiles

We asked some of our students to share their experiences of studying mathematics and statistics at the University of Sheffield.

Hernan Ibarra, smiling in a park

I'm doing a masters in the University of Cambridge in a couple of months. I'll miss Sheffield.

Hernan Ibarra BSc Mathematics

Hernan always had a lifelong passion for maths, and saw how friendly Sheffield was - even from 10,000km away. Now he's built up a wide range of technical skills which have allowed him to continue his journey into the world of mathematics.

Elisabeth Chan

As a dual degree student, you have access to activities organised by the two departments you're in

Elisabeth Chan Mathematics and Philosophy BSc

Elisabeth has developed programming skills from her mathematics modules and picked up some useful essay-writing skills from philosophy.

Suzannah Phillips

Working as a NHS student statistician on my maths placement

Suzannah Phillips Mathematics with a Placement Year BSc

Suzannah completed a year-long placement with the NHS as part of her maths degree.

Sonia Nayyar in her graduation gown holding her degree certificate

My degree has given me an excellent grounding in mathematical concepts I use every day

Sonia Nayyar Mathematics BSc

After graduating from Sheffield with a BSc in Mathematics, Sonia went on to work for a financial, actuarial and business consultancy, putting the analytic and logical thinking skills she learned during her degree to daily use.

 Headshot of Ashis Patel

The placement year really helped me to develop a range of skills, including team work, organisation, communication and presentation skills

Ashis Patel Mathematics with Placement Year BSc

Ashis a BSc with a Placement Year, spending a year of his course working for Lloyds Banking Group.

Photo of Tom Miner talking to someone out of sight

"My placement was a great opportunity to test out an industry and a company for a year, with no obligation to continue working there afterwards"

Tom Miner Mathematics with Placement Year BSc

Tom spent a year of his degree working at Unilever, where he is now in a Finance Manager role.

A photo of Nicola Brant smiling in a cafe

"In my placement, I have built on the analytical skills that I have learnt in my degree so far, as well as leadership and teamwork"

Nicola Brant Mathematics with Placement Year BSc

Nicola completed a BSc with a Placement Year, spending a year of her course working for the Department for Work and Pensions as an Operational Researcher.

A profile image of Rachael Batteson smiling in front of a yellow background

I analyse the cost-effectiveness of new drugs, to see if they are viable to be accepted within the NHS, or other countries' health care systems

Rachael Batteson BSc Mathematics

Rachael works in health economics, using the analysis and problem solving skills she got from her maths degree to assess the viability of new drugs.

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