Physics and astronomy student profiles

We asked some of our students and graduates to share their experiences of studying physics and astronomy at the University of Sheffield, and to tell us what they've ended up doing with their degree.

Mateusz Duda

All the different modules which I have been able to take have been extremely interesting

Mateusz Duda Theoretical Physics MPhys

Mateusz got involved in physics at the cutting edge of research by doing a project in our Quantum Information Laboratory.

Laura Stephenson

I want to use physics to help people and make a real difference to their lives

Laura Stephenson Physics with Medical Physics MPhys

Laura is enjoying the combination of physics, medical physics and bioengineering that she gets on her course.

Lauren Lewis

Sheffield's student-centred approach confirmed it was the university I wanted to study at

Lauren Lewis Physics and Astrophysics BSc

Lauren expanded her passion for physics during her degree, studying topics that range from stellar structure to galaxy formation and evolution, and from special relativity to astronomical spectroscopy.

Alexander Chilton

Physics is a degree that's very well respected around the world

Alexander Chilton Physics BSc

After completing his physics degree, Alexander went on to work in marketing and communications as part of a multi-million pound research partnership between BP and several top universities.

Alex Brown

My astrophysics placement in the Canary Islands has been an unforgettable experience

Alex Brown Physics and Astrophysics MPhys

Alex spent a year of his degree working at an international observatory on La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Freya Bottom

The best part of my placement at CERN was the freedom to achieve goals

Freya Bottom Physics MPhys

During her placement year, Freya worked on the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN research institute in Switzerland, where the groundbreaking Higgs boson discovery was made.

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