Rethinking continuity in primary care for people with mesothelioma

Do you have a diagnosis of mesothelioma? Would you like to take part in a research study that involves being interviewed by phone or video call?
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The aim of this study is to understand the experiences of patients with mesothelioma, their close persons and their healthcare professionals of continuity in primary care. Specifically, we wish to understand the effort it takes patients and their close persons to achieve their desired level of continuity with their GP and other primary care healthcare professionals. For more information, please see the study advert.

This project is being undertaken for Dr Emilie Couchman’s PhD. It is funded by Mesothelioma UK and sponsored by the University of Sheffield. It has now received University ethical approval and will involve the following sequential workstreams:

Phase 1: A systematic review of the international literature on continuity in primary palliative care for people with cancer.

The literature review illuminated the underexplored concept that patients and their close persons have a significant role in achieving continuity of care for themselves. The published paper can be accessed here

Phase 2: Realist case studies of patient journeys through the healthcare system

Longitudinal semi-structured face-to-face or phone/video call interviews with people with mesothelioma, their close persons and their healthcare professionals will be undertaken over a 1-year period.

Phase 3: Stakeholder workshops to discuss how the research findings could be used to improve continuity in primary palliative care for people with mesothelioma.

Emerging findings will be fed back to stakeholders in a series of workshops, which will provide the opportunity to: collectively reflect on emerging findings; amalgamate different perspectives; consider the implications of findings for service design and delivery; and form recommendations to support continuity for people with mesothelioma in primary palliative care.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Emilie (, or supervisors Dr Clare Gardiner (, Dr Steph Ejegi-Memeh ( or Dr Sarah Mitchell ( 

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