Concert sound system

 crowd sat looking at a stage, a person sat at the back of the crowd on a laptop.

The USSS Sound Junction concert system is a 32-channel diffusion system with custom software and hardware. The majority of the 32 loudspeakers are Genelec (10*8040A, 1032, 1031, 8030, 7070subs). Playback is from a dedicated PC running the SuperDiffuse software (written by James Surgenor in Supercollider) through a control voltage fader-box. Audio interfaces are MADI RME (MADIface and M32DA).

See the Sound Junction about page page for a history of diffusion and projection of acousmatic electroacoustic music at Sheffield.

A photo of the portable sound system.

Our new system runs 32 channels through RME MADI interfaces.

Since our 2018-2019 season we have been able to place loudspeakers safely at height thus enabling sound to take on a more 3-dimensional form. This very expensive equipment purchase has been made possible by the generosity of alumni and staff through contributions to the University’s Alumni Fund.

Sound Junction concert system under construction

Sound Junction concert system under construction

It cannot be stressed strongly enough that whilst this equipment may only be used a few times each year, its use does full justice to the works being performed and develops the performance practice of electroacoustic music and related research.

An empty hall with large speakers at the back of it.

Our new 'sound at height' system.

We are grateful that donations from alumni, former staff and friends of the University have contributed towards the upgrade of our concert system. Philanthropic gifts are vital to the University and laid its foundations over a century ago. In 1905, the civic vision of the University’s founding fathers was underpinned by public subscriptions – penny donations from local citizens – that resulted in the establishment of the University.

Today, philanthropy continues to be just as transformative, creating opportunities for gifted students, enhancing scholarly research and its impact upon the community, providing essential capital funding and underpinning the evolution of this great civic university. For more information about donations to the University visit the university Giving website.

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