The Soundhouse

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility for instrumental lessons, practice, small-scale rehearsals and sound recording.


The Soundhouse 

Rooms in the Soundhouse are available to be booked online between 8:30am-11pm, seven days a week. Our advanced equipment and booking room system, Connect 2, offers a range of equipment and instruments for students to use.

Practice Rooms

The Soundhouse has a total of 10 practice rooms, 3 with baby grand pianos and 7 rooms with upright pianos.

Band Room

A rehearsal space perfect for bands, including an electric drum kit, keyboard and several bass and guitar amps. 

Percussion Room

A specialist room for first instrument percussionists (Timpani, Small Percussion, Orchestral Bass Drum, Marimba, Tubular Bells, Xylophone, Glock).

Music Store

A secure space for students to store their instruments.

The University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS)

USSS offers teaching and research opportunities at the cutting edge of Music Technology. Our suite of studios feature high specification acoustic treatment and are fitted with advance technology for sonic arts. In addition, USSS maintains an extensive range of professional portable equipment for recording or live performance.

 Studio 1 - Post Production Room

Studio 1 is equipped with the capability to record up to 8 channels simultaneously from Studio 2 (see below), into a Scarlett OctoPre microphone preamp, with stereo monitoring on ATC loudspeakers and a Mackie control desk

Studio 2 - Live Room for Foley

Studio 2 is an acoustically treated live room connected directly to Studio 1 and contains an upright piano as well as a headphone amp for talkback and live monitoring from Studio 1. It also has audio and video ties to Studio 3 and a small Foley pit for sound effects and dialogue replacement.

Studio 3 - 5.1 Surround Sound Room

Studio 3 is specially designed for ambisonic playback, surround composition and film scoring, armed with eight Genelec 8030a speakers for precise surround-sound monitoring.

Studio 4 - Post Production Room

Studio 4 is a perfect space for composing and mixing in stereo, with two Genelec 8030A speakers and a suite of cutting edge DAWs and music production/processing software.

Studio 5 - Live Room

This acoustically treated live room is connected to Studio 6 and contains a drum kit as well a range of guitar and bass amplifiers, and a headphone amp for talkback and live monitoring from Studio 6.

Studio 6 - Multi-Channel Recording Studio

This studio is fantastic for any purpose, with 16 channel recording from Studio 5 through Scarlett OctoPre preamps, Mackie controllers, and the ability to monitor in up to 9.1 surround sound through pristine Genelec 1032A, 1031A and 7070A (LFE) loudspeakers.

All studio computers are equipped with Music industry standard Apple Mac computers, including a high spec Mac Studio in our flagship control room, as well as many complex processing tools such as USSS Tools, GranuLab, GRM Tools & more. We have a fantastic range of microphones available to record with for a range of applications.

Our campus and how we use it: We timetable teaching across the whole of our campus, the details of which can be found on our campus map ( Teaching may take place in a student’s home department, but may also be timetabled to take place within other departments or central teaching space.

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