My experience studying BMus undergraduate

Saxophone player in studio
Emily Cooper
BMus Music
The Department of Music
Emily Cooper shares her experience of studying music as an undergraduate student at the University of Sheffield.

Why did you choose to study Music at the University of Sheffield?

I was looking for a music degree that would be more flexible. I found that the 7 pathways system at Sheffield would allow me to almost "design my own degree" in a sense that I could pick exact modules to suit my interests.

What aspects of your degree programme do you find most interesting?

I love the music psychology module as I did psychology at A Level and wanted to expand my knowledge further in this area and also have the bonus of incorporating music within the module. I am also really enjoying the performance module as it gives you experience in performing to an audience which really helps with practising calming your nerves when performing.

What do you like about the Music Department?

How friendly the atmosphere is. I believe that the music society is one of the best in the University due to how many socials (both drinking and non drinking!!) there are throughout the year. For example, we may go on a night out together, but we also go and see concerts, musicals and go out for meals together. Everything is very close I feel safe walking around the city, even at night.

What University activities do you take part in as well as your studies?

I am a member of the DJ society which is great fun. I have met friends with similar music tastes and learnt the basics in DJing!

Do you know yet what you want to do when you graduate?

Either private teaching or Music Therapy. A music degree can take you anywhere!

The music scene in Sheffield is so brilliantly varied. There is every kind of genre you can think of to get involved in!

Emily Cooper

What advice would you give to someone thinking about coming to study music in Sheffield?

Definitely come and visit us on an open day and speak to as many students as possible to hear about different student experiences. Walk around the city as well and really get a feel of what it would be like to live, work and party here!

What has surprised you most about the music scene in Sheffield?

The music scene in Sheffield is so brilliantly varied. There is every kind of genre you can think of to get involved in! There is a big Jazz scene, as well as Opera and Ballet at the City Hall, Musical Theatre at the Drama Studio, Rock and Indie concerts in the famous Leadmill club, sacred, secular and classical at the Cathedral, drum and bass and bassline at clubs such as Tank... And the list goes on! There is definitely something for everyone!

Which places in the city/ surrounding area do you like to visit?

I love being so close to the Peak District. You simply sit on a bus for 15 minutes and you're in the beautiful countryside! I also love going out in Sheffield, we have West Street with all the bars and clubs, but also other clubs a short walk away, including my favourites - Corp, Code and Tank. You could go out any night of the week and find somewhere bustling with students!