The University of Sheffield gains world-class music accreditation

The University of Sheffield has become part of a select group of international education institutions which share the status of being an All-Steinway School. All students across the University now have access to world-class pianos.

Music department staff and students standing around pianos

Following the announcement in July 2019 that the University of Sheffield was to become an All-Steinway School, the accreditation has now been awarded following the successful delivery of 17 new pianos to locations across campus. 

The delivery of the new fleet of pianos required a complex series of arrangements and took place in March 2021. The selection of the Model D required an advanced level of expertise from our piano specialists and required a complex logistical operation from several teams across the University. This journey has been captured on video and can be viewed on the All-Steinway School Hub. 

View the Steinway webpages

This set of webpages includes interviews with staff and students, behind the scenes footage, and further information about what the accreditation means for the University of Sheffield music community. 

The achievement of the accreditation comes as a huge boost to creative students both from the Department of Music and across the institution who will be able to access world-class pianos throughout their study. 

I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. It’s really exciting that we can offer access to world-leading pianos to music and non-music students alike – especially after such a difficult year.

Dr Simon Keegan-Phipps

Head of the Department of Music

The focal point of the accreditation is receiving a Steinway Model D Grand Piano. A Model D Steinway Piano is considered the pinnacle of concert grands and ideal for anyone who demands the highest level of musical expression.

For the University of Sheffield, it is a privilege to have such a well-respected and admired piano based at the heart of music making activity on campus. This is located in the Firth Hall concert space in Firth Court, and will be used for performance masterclasses, concert recitals and ensemble collaborations.

It's been fantastic working in the team to help bring such an incredible new learning resource to campus, and I feel that drawing on the expertise from various departments (Campus Services, Performances Venues and Accommodation services) alongside the Department of Music has helped make a complex delivery possible during this particularly difficult period. The new Steinway Model D will be an incredible asset that the University Concerts series looks forward to making the best use of.

Nick Potter

Concert Producer, University Concert Series 

Having a piano with such prestige places Sheffield on the map as a destination for World-Class musicians to perform, which we hope contributes to the vibrancy and status of Sheffield's music scene in the UK. 

Details about upcoming concerts and new music research is regularly released on the Department of Music webpages. To find out further information about how to get involved in music ensembles, please view the Making Music webpage. You can follow the day-to-day activities of our music community through our social media channels by searching tuosmusic

View the Steinway webpages

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