Academic staff

Below is a list of current Academic Staff in the Department of Music. Each person's name links through to their personal profile.

Head of Department

Name Extension Email Room
Keegan-Phipps, Dr Simon 20465 2.08

Academic Staff 

Name Extension Email Room
Bonshor, Dr Michael email only n/a
Dibben, Prof. Nicola 20480 2.11
Doffman, Dr Mark 20478 2.13
Hield, Dr Fay 20497 1.14
Keefe, Prof. Simon 20472 1.13
Ker, Dr Dorothy 20496 2.12
Killick, Dr Andrew 20460 1.12
Knowles, Tim email only n/a
Macgregor, Dr Anne email only G.12
McHugh, Dr Dominic 20487 1.11
McSweeney, Neil 20462 2.13
Moore, Prof. Adrian 20486 1.10
Nicholson, Prof. George 20479 2.10
Pitts, Prof. Stephanie 20481 1.14
Rowe, Dr Victoria email only n/a
Shephard, Dr Tim 20483 1.18
Stanović, Dr Adam 20475 2.06
Timmers, Dr Renee 20477 1.15
Watts, Dr Sarah 20464 G.12
Williamson, Dr Victoria 20474 2.14

 Research Associates

Name Extension Email Room
Floridou, Dr Georgina email only n/a
Hadley, Dr Steven email only n/a
Price, Dr Sarah email only n/a
Robbins, Dr Hannah email only n/a

Research Fellows 

Name Extension Email Room
Arthurs, Dr Yuko email only n/a
Noss Van Buren, Dr Kathleen email only    
Perdomo Guevara, Dr Elsa email only n/a
Schiavio, Dr Andrea email only n/a
Jiang, Dr Shu email only n/a

Emeritus Staff 

Name Extension Email Room
Hill, Prof. Peter  

World Musician in Residence 

Name Extension Email Room
Ball, John email only  n/a

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