Sarah Heneghan

Department of Music

Instrumental Tutor

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Sarah Heneghan
Department of Music
Jessop Building
Leavygreave Road
S3 7RD

I'm Sarah, and I'm a Sheffield-based composer-performer and multi-instrumentalist with a specialism in drums. I'm someone who loves to draw in different styles in every project I get involved in. Sometimes the game for me is to see how eclectic I can be while still serving the music; how to give it a special twist.

As a musician, I love doing the following things: developing my musicianship, collaboration, empowering myself and others, creating music, and talking about all of these things in a pub/café with a fellow enthusiast.

Let's get it on.

I've received funding from manchester jazz festival (mjf), Sage Gateshead, Jazz North, Sound & Music, and Arts Council England. I was an mjf hothouse 2019-21 artist, Jazz North Northern Line 2019-21 artist, Sage Gateshead Summer Studios 2020 artist, an mjf originals commissions 2021 artist, and a Take Five 2021 artist.

I've played for several people and projects, and play and write for my own projects. You can read more about this in Music Projects.