Research conferences

A list of all upcoming (and previous) music-related research conferences.

A research conference hosted by the Department of Music


14th June: Social Inclusion, Community, and Belonging at International Music Festivals


24th - 25th February: Folk Singing Symposium 

21st - 22nd April: Silver anniversary of the Distance Learning MA in Psychology of Music

18th-20th October: SysMus23 - The 16th International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology


14th-17th June: International conference on analytical approaches to world music


12-15 May: Stagestruck 3: Reading Musicals: Sources, Editions, Performance 

28th-31st July: ESCOM2021: 11th Triennial Conference: Connectivity and diversity in music cognition

12th-15th May: Rethinking the Golden Age Musical: Great American Songbook Foundation

View the panel event featuring five major Broadway actresses talking about 'Gender and the Golden Age'. 


20th MarchMapping music for wellbeing Sheffield - POSTPONED 

6th June: The Folk Voice 

15-17 July: Cross-European Summer School on Musical Ability


10-12 January: Royal Musical Association/British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Research Students' Conference

9-10 May: On the Record: Critical Approaches to the Musical Theatre Cast Album

13-15 June: Music and Visual Culture in Renaissance Italy

19 June: Families and music: An interdisciplinary perspective on fostering family bonding

3-5 July: Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre (SPARC) conference

12th October: Sound Teaching Workshops on Expression, communication and creativity in music performance


27-29 April: Sound Agendas Composers Conference

9-11 May: Stagestruck 4: Rethinking Broadway's Golden Age (online)

18 June: Music Teacher Conference - Teaching World Music

20-27 September: Colourama: A synaesthesia experience

27 October: Sound Teaching - A one-day interactive conference for instrumental teachers and musicians


20-23 April: British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference


8 April: Choral practice, performance and pedagogy: real-world applications of choral research

10-12 May: Stagestruck 2: Putting It Together: Investigating Sources for Musical Theatre Research 

5-8 July: Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference


29 April: Understanding Audiences for the Contemporary Arts

23-25 March: International Conference on the Multimodal Experience of Music


14-18 May: Stagestruck 1: Restaging the Song: Adapting Broadway for the Silver Screen


4-6 October: Sources of Identity: Makers, Owners and Users of Music Sources Before 1600

6 December: Crosscurrents in Music and Theology


21-24 July: (CIM10) Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology

22 July: CIM-SEMPRE Study Day and Workshop


26-27 March: The Spanish Humour


19 October: Musical Behaviour and Experience

20 October: Musical Participation

27 October: RMA Training Day

3 November: Gender and Musical Performance


17-19 July: International Conference on Music and Consciousness

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