Performance is central to the work of the Department of Music at Sheffield and it interfaces with every research area.

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The history and development of performance practice is a viable research topic in its own right and practice-led research undertaken by highly skilled performers is supported and encouraged. Composers and performers work closely together to develop new work.

Researchers in Ethnomusicology employ performance as a means of developing and disseminating research findings - performance features prominently in most fieldwork.

  • Musicology now more than ever requires an holistic approach that includes the study of recordings and performances. And from the sway of the pianist coaxing notes from the piano to an MRI scan of a performer indicating brain activity, Music Psychology attempts to understand how performers translate the notes on the page into music.

It is via performance that the department meets the city. Our Tuesday evening series of public concerts features brings to Sheffield the most exciting international performers. Weekend concerts afford a platform for our large ensembles. Free lunchtime concerts on Thursdays and rush-hour concerts on Mondays provide an opportunity for students to prepare for their recitals and chamber music examinations. Members of staff regularly perform as soloists and in chamber music settings as well as conducting our larger ensembles.

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The Department's full-time staff includes professional musicians with established international careers as performers and recording artists. Collaboration with composers in the creation of new work is also key to their activities. In addition staff members are active in facilitating performance from a variety of different perspectives, including those of soloist and chamber musician, curator, conductor and theatre director.

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