Dr Adam Stanovic

image of Adam StansbieDepartment of Music
The University of Sheffield
Jessop Building
34 Leavygreave Road
S3 7RD

Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 0475

Email : a.j.stanovic@sheffield.ac.uk


Adam Stanovic composes and performs electronic music.

His compositions have received wide-spread international acclaim, winning prizes, residencies and mentions in competitions around the world, including: IMEB (France); Metamophoses (Belgium); Destellos (Argentina); Contemporanea (Italy); SYNC (Russia); Musica Viva (Portugal); Musica Nova (Czech Republic); KEAR (USA). Many of his pieces have been published, with works now available on 11 different labels (Elektramusic; Taukey; Sargasso; ICMA, among others).

Adam's music has been performed in some 400 festivals and concerts around the world, including many of the most significant contemporary music events (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival; International Computer Music Conference; International Society for Contemporary Music; among many others). Beyond this, he has featured in wide range of popular music contexts, from performances at the Glastonbury Festival to appearances on the BBC. He has represented the United Kingdom at two major international events contemporary music festivals.

Alongside his music, Adam has written numerous journal articles and book chapters; these consider compositional methods, analytical approaches to electronic music, the nature of performance interpretation and authenticity, the nature of digitised music, and various philosophical issues that electronic music seems to produce. He is regularly invited to give talks and presentations on a range of topics relating to electronic music practices.

Adam read music and music technology at The Leeds College of Music and The University of Leeds. During this time, his music started to be performed both nationally and internationally, and he graduated with a university prize for outstanding achievement. Adam completed his formal education with a PhD at City University, University of London, under the supervision of Denis Smalley. During this time, he completed a first composition residency, that has since led him to work in studios around the world, including those at the IMEB (France); Musiques et Recherches (Belgium); VICC (Sweden); EMS (Sweden); LCM (UK); CMMAS (Mexico). Adam was recently selected as the 2018 Klingler ElectroAcoustic Resident at Bowling Green State University, USA.

In 2016, Adam co-founded the British ElectroAcoustic Network (BEAN), alongside James Andean, with the intention of representing British electroacoustic music overseas. The network was subsequently affiliated with the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (CIME). Adam is currently a director of the Composer’s Desktop Project (CDP), and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Since taking up a full-time lecturing post at the age of 25, Adam has worked in various UK universities. He is currently based at The University of Sheffield, where he directs the MA in Composition and the MA in Sonic Arts, and supervises a number of PhD projects.

Research Interests

  • Electroacoustic/acousmatic music (composition and performance)
  • Analysis of electronic music (methods and works)
  • Aesthetics of contemporary music
  • Philosophy of sound/music (particularly musical ontology and phenomenology)

Current Research Students

  • Alejandro Albornoz – acousmatic composition
  • Vanessa Sorce-Levesque – acousmatic composition
  • Mark Summers – human+computer music performance and improvisation
  • Rees Archibald – sound installations, process, chance and agency
  • Chris Bevan – acousmatic composition

Selected Publications (journals and book chapters)

  • Stanović, A. 2018. “Musical Works, Recordings and their Digitisations: new philosophical types”. In, Svensk tidskrift for musikforskning: Swedish Journal of Music research. Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Stansbie, A. 2017. “Beyond the Fixity Fallacy: rethinking the work-concept in an age of electronic music”. In, Dogantan-Dack and Dack, eds. Music and Sonic Art: Practices and Theories. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Cambridge.
  • Stansbie, A. 2016. “Beyond the Fixity Fallacy: rethinking the work-concept in an age of electronic music”. In, Dogantan-Dack and Dack, eds. Music and Sonic Art: Practices and Theories. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Cambridge
  • Stansbie, A. 2015 (forthcoming). “Degrees of Determinacy: classifying acousmatic works in an age of sound diffusion”. In, Musimédiane, Vol 8. Musimédiane, Paris.
  • Stansbie, A. 2015. “The Acousmatic Sound Sculpture: an ontological account of works, performances and the centrality of space”. In, “Sound Spaces and Audiovisual Spaces: Creation, Representation and Design”. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM): Madrid
  • Stansbie, A. 2014. “Between Plasticity and Performance: an ontological account of electroacoustic music”. In, the Journal of the Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society, Emilie, Vol 11. KEAMS, Seoul.
  • Moore, A., Moore, D., Pearse, S., Stansbie, A. 2013. “Tracking Production Strategies: identifying compositional methods in electroacoustic music”. In, A. Moore and A. Stansbie, Eds., the Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Vol 6.3. Intellect, Bristol
  • Stansbie, A. 2012. Between Plasticity and Performance: the creation and presentation of acousmatic art. In, Digital Art Criticism: Sonic Arts. Foundation of Digital Arts : Taiwan.
  • Stansbie, A. 2011. Sounds, Agents, Works and Listeners: A Model of Computer Music Performance. In, the Journal of Music, Technology and Education, Vol 3.1. Intellect, Bristol.
  • Stansbie, A. 2010. Through Thick and Thin: the Ontology of Tape Music. In, the Journal of Music and Meaning. University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

Selected Publications (music)

  • Stanović, A. 2017. “Would be to Seek”, in Garland for Beatriz Ferreyra, Musiques et Recherches, Brussels.
  • Stanović, A. 2017. “Origins”, in Garland for Annette Vande Gorne, Musiques et Recherches, Brussels.
  • Stansbie, A. 2016. “one times one”, in Undae! Online edition, Undae! Madrid, Spain
  • Stansbie, A. 2016. “Calculus”, in Erik Bosgraaf and Friends live from De Toonzaal, CD published by De Toonzaal, Netherlands.
  • Stansbie, A. 2015. “one times one”, in Destellos Prize-winning Pieces, CD published by the Foundation Destellos, Argentina, and CMMAS, Mexico
  • Stansbie, A. 2012. Isthmus. Solo CD published by Sargasso, featuring five acousmatic compositions (Isthmus, Early Morning, Parenthesis, Point of Departure and Escapade).
  • Stansbie, A. 2011. “Spore!”, in autohypnosis sex war noise faith white truth light, 8th CD of Mute Sound Records, Zaragoza, Spain.
  • Stansbie, A. 2011. “Fractions”, in Elektramusic III, Elektramusic, Strasbourg.
  • Stansbie, A. 2011. “Escapade”, in ICMC Proceedings, Huddersfield University, Huddersfield.
  • Stansbie, A. 2011. “Escapade”, in Città di Udine – Eighth Edition, Taukay Edizioni Musicali, Udine.

Recent Performances

  • The Acousmatic Project I, Kuppelsaal der Technischen Universität, Vienna, 25th Nov 2017
  • C.A.R. (Contemporary Art Ruhr), Innovative Art Fair, 27th - 29th Oct 2017
  • Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2017, Korea, 23rd - 28th Oct 2017
  • No Bounds Festival, Access Space, Sheffield, 14th Sept 2017
  • Stanovic Loudspeaker Concert, The University of Greenwich, 22nd Sept 2017
  • Balance-unbalance: a sense of place 2017, Plymouth, 21st-23rd August 2017
  • Sound+Environment Conference, University of Hull, 29th June - 2nd July 2017
  • Uncharted Territories, Berlin Blue art gallery, Berlin, 24th - 25th June 2017
  • Forum Wallis Ars Electronica Selection 2017, Schloss Leuk, Switzerland, 2nd - 3rd June 2017
  • Miso Music, Lisbon, Portugal, 26th May 2017
  • Sound Junction 2017, The University of Sheffield, 6th May 2017
  • Sound of Memory symposium, London, 22nd - 24th April 2017
  • Sound like THIS Festival 2017, Leeds College of Music, 17th - 18th March 2017
  • miniBeast Concert, The University of Birmingham, UK, 1st Feb 2017
  • INTER- #8, Stereo, Glasgow, UK, 19th Jan 2017
  • Noche Blanca, Contemporary Art Museum in Santiago, Chile, 13th Jan 2017 
  • Sound Junction 2016, Sheffield, UK, 26th Nov 2016
  • Elektramusic Vidéomusique 2, Elektramusic, Strasbourg, France, 13th Nov 2016
  • Festival Ecos Urbanos, Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico, 11th Nov 2016
  • Akousma xiii, Montreal, Canada, 20th Oct 2016
  • Stanovic: Concert Portrait, Fonoteca Nacional, Mexico, 1st July 2016
  • Mise-en Music Festival 2016, New York, USA, 22nd - 25th June 2016
  • Uncharted Territories, Berlin Blue Art, Germany, 24th June 2016
  • Residency Concert, CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico, 17th June 2016
  • C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr. Essen, Germany, 3rd-5th June 2016
  • Audiovisual Arts Festival 2016, Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, 19th May 2016
  • Sound Junction, The University of Sheffield, 14th May 2016
  • Institute of Musical Research Event, The University of Sheffield, 7th April 2016
  • IFIMPaC, Leeds, 11th March 2016
  • Made in Great Britain, Musique&Recherches Concert series, Brussels, Belgium, 24th February 2016
  • 3*3, The University of Leeds, UK, 27th Jan 2016
  • AKOUSMA, Electrochoc No.3, Montreal, Canada, 10th Dec 2015
  • MUSLAB2015, INSTITUTO TUDOR, Mexico City, Mexico, 5th Dec 2015
  • If Yesterday Were Today... Apiary Studios, London, 3rd Dec 2015.
  • Relincha Festival, Chile, 28th Nov 2015
  • “> SYNC.2015”, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 31st Oct – 1st Nov 2015
  • MANTIS festival/Metanast, Manchester, UK, 18th Oct 2015
  • Sonic Voyages: Bristol University Loudspeaker Orchestra, Bristol, UK, 16th Oct 2015
  • Acousmatic Transcendence, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, 25th – 27th Sept 2015
  • If Yesterday Were Today... BERLIN BLUE art In Berlin, 11th Sept 2015
  • If Yesterday Were Today... Barga, Italy, 28th July 2015

Awards, mentions and commissions 

  • Winner, Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency (KEAR) at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA, Dec 2017
  • Selection in the Tenth International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual Music, Destellos Foundation, Argentina, Sept 2017
  • Winner, Ars Electronica Forum Wallis, The 11th International Festival for New Music, Switzerland, May 2017
  • Finalist in Category A, Musica Nova, Czech Republic, Nov 2016
  • Nomination in the Ninth International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual Music, Destellos Foundation, Argentina, August 2016
  • Honourable Mention, Musica Viva 2016, Miso Music, Portugal, May 2016
  • 2nd Prize at the International Festival/Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Multimedia “>SYNC.2015”, Yekaterinburg, Russia, Oct 2015
  • Commission from Sheaf Prospects: soundmapping Furnace Park – a public engagement project supported by Arts Enterprise funding, Sheffield, May 2015
  • Commission from Thomas Gorbach and The Electro Acoustic Project for a stereo, acousmatic work to be premiered at the Electroacoustic Music Festival Vienna, 19th June 2014
  • Escapade one of two compositions selected by the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISMC) (pre-selected by the British Panel) to represent the British entry for the ISCM World Music Days 2012, July 2011
  • Commission from Erik Bosgraaf for an alto-recorder and tape piece; Premiered May 2012.
  • First Prize in the Third International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual Music, Destellos Foundation, Argentina, Sept 2010
  • Finalist in VIII International Competition for Composers “Città di Udine”, August 2010
  • Shortlisted Composer for the 2010 MATA Commission, New York, June 2010
  • First Prize in International Competition of Acousmatic Music “Métamorphoses” Category A, Belgium, June 2006
  • Residency Prize at the 33rd International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art / Bourges 2006, June 2006

Selected Studio Residences

  • Guest Composer, Sydney Conservatoire, Australia, July 2018
  • Klingler Resident Composer, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, March 2018
  • Composer in Residence, Ensemble Mise En, New York, March 2018
  • Composer in Residence, Holst House, Aldeburgh, UK, April 2017
  • Guest Composer at CMMAS, Mexico, June 2016
  • Guest Composer at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), Sweden, June/July 2011.
  • Composer in Residence at Visby International Centre for Composers (VICC), Sweden, June 2010.
  • Composer in Residence at Musique et Recherché, Belgium, June 2009.
  • Composer in Residence at the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB), France, Oct/Nov 2008.