Professor Adrian Moore BSc, MA, PhD

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The University of Sheffield
Jessop Building
34 Leavygreave Road
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Adrian Moore is Professor of Electroacoustic Music Composition in the Department of Music, Director of USSS (University of Sheffield Sound Studios) and Deputy Head of Department. He is a composer of electroacoustic music and has been performed and broadcast worldwide. He teaches undergraduate modules in music technology, sound recording and music history, supervises undergraduate and postgraduate composers and teaches on the postgraduate programmes in Creative Studies. His music is published by empreintes DIGITALes.

Research Interests

  • Electroacoustic music composition, performance, history and analysis
  • Composition tools for composers


  • MUS119: Introduction to Studio. Cubase/Sibelius/Puredata plus basic theory
  • MUS122: Electroacoustic Composiiton. Putting MUS119 into practice. Creative electronic works
  • MUS340: Sound and Moving Image. Scoring to image
  • MUS355: Creative Applications of Music Technology. Level II/III. Training programme (pure data, app design) and composition
  • MUS333/302: Composition
  • MUS370: Sound Recording Practice. Multitrack work in USSS, training and development
  • Modules in the MA Sonic Arts

Current Projects

  • 'How many sounds' project: Concert piece 'Inside and out...again' (R2). Investigating sonic complexity and multi-channel composition.
  • 'Metricity' project: investigating pulse and pattern in electroacoustic music (R3).
  • Returning to the 'Fractured Acousmatic': Testing the composition/performance boundaries of electroacoustic music by combining pre-composed materials, samples and diffusion at performance time (R4). 
  • (Future: 2018) Electroacoustic opera based around artificial intelligence and the human condition.

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Current Research Students

  • Caterina McEvoy* (UK): Composition
  • Stephen Pearse* (UK): Composition and software design
  • Alejandro Albornoz (Chile): Composition
  • Dimitris Savva* (Cyprus): Composition
  • Ian Baxter* (UK): Composition - installations and the nature of time
  • Vanessa Massera (Canada): Composition
  • Chris Bevan (UK): Composition
  • James Surgenor* (UK): Composition and software design

 * primary supervisor

Past Research Students

  • Martin-Curtis Powell (2015): Composition (PhD)
  • Robert Bentall (2011): Composition (MMus)
  • Louise Harris (2009): Audio-Visual interaction in electroacosutic music. Portfolio of compositions (PhD)
  • Chetan Pancholi (2008): 'A sound society'. Portfolio of compositions (MMus)
  • Simon Mulvaney (2007): Portfolio of Audio-Visual works (PhD)
  • Niels Puttemans (2007): Fractal Mathematics in Sound Design (MPhil)
  • James Mooney (2005): Sound diffusion systems (PhD)
  • Nikos Stavropoulos (2005): Portfolio of Electroacoustic compositions (PhD)
  • Mark Horrocks (2005): Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions (PhD)
  • Dave Moore (2004): Real-time Sound Spatialization systems (PhD)
  • Oliver Carman (2003): Composition and analysis (MMus)
  • Helen Stephenson (2003): Composition and analyses (MMus)


  • Sequences et Tropes (CD) - works from 2012-2014. Empreintes DIGITALes, Montreal. 2015
  • Contrechamps (DVDA) - works from 2006-2010. Empreintes DIGITALes, Montreal. 2011
  • Reve de l'aube (CD) - works from 2001-2004. Empreintes DIGITALes, Montreal. 2007
  • Traces (CD) - works from 1994-1996. Empreintes DIGITALes, Montreal. 2000
  • Counterattack won Musica Viva (Portugal, 2015); Nebula Sequence finalist Musica Nova (Prague, 2015);

The Battle finalist Espace du Son (Brussels, 2014); Field of Darkness and Light won Musica Nova, (Prague. 2010).

  • Sonic Art: An Introduction to Electroacoustic Music Composition. 2016. Routledge

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Recent Commissions and Performances

  • Fields of Darkness and Light premiered at Clothworkers Centenary Hall, Leeds on the 28th April 2010. Subsequently at Manchester University (29.10.10), Dublin and Belfast (March 2011). First prize (mixed music category): Musica Nova 2010 International Electroacoustic Music Competition (Prague, Czech Republic)

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