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Krissy Zhang
MA Music Management
Department of Music
MA Music Management Alumni, Krissy Zhang, talks about her experience at the University of Sheffield, and how this helped her in her career.

Why did you study at the University of Sheffield? 

I went to study at the University of Sheffield because it is the place where I can fully concentrate on my study and research.

I was so happy and fortunate to be able to collaborate with music students together to create our own memories in Sheffield.

Can you describe a typical day? 

I would start my day in the early morning and enjoy a cup of coffee in my dorm kitchen.

Then, I started to read some course materials and went to class around 10:00AM.

I would always have a calendar book with me, so I would know which building I should go to, or who I am meeting with for our course projects.

The 24/7 library is a great place to study and have meetings with classmates together.

Do you have a favourite memory? 

Sheffield Chinese Ensemble has been my best memory when I studied in Sheffield University.

We usually had rehearsals weekly and we had two major concerts in Western Park museum.

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How did the course help you? 

I have gained tremendous experiences and knowledge in fundraising and outreach in event planning at Sheffield Music Department.

Now, I can be very confident about what I am planning for an online music festival this year.

What have you achieved since graduating? 

The MA Music Management course helped me successfully found my first internship in New York City.

I am currently involved in the Legato Music Festival, established in the midst of Covid-19, which is intended to help with emotional relief for people who have overcome hardship during the pandemic and who have lost a loved one.

Legato Music Festival will bring classical musicians together to celebrate our life in the post Covid-19 era. This music festival will feature local artists on an online platform first, with a hope of bringing it to life when we return back to normal.

In future, we hope that our music stage will be located in parks around five boroughs in New York Cities, then with an expansion of touring around the US. We hope to use classical music to heal our hearts and souls in her neighbourhood. 

Legato Music Festival 

poster with keyboard and musical notes

A note can be as short as a second, Life can be as short as a blink, yet note is so precious to us because it represents our precious time as little notes connect each other becoming beautiful legato in music literature. Legato Music Festival, established in the midst of Covid-19, intended to be the emotional relief for people who have overcome hardship during the pandemic and who have lost loved one.

Every single one has been through 2020, the chaotic year ever in human history. Music has ever been so important to confront, unite and empower us. Purity in notes will wash our soul and lift our spirit no matter where we are and what we have been through. Like a circle, we, as musicians, need support like others do so we can bring out the best of music to people who are in need of confrontation and love. With all of hope and love, we want to dedicate to frontline workers, doctors, nurses and people like you.

We are open to anyone who want to collaborate, for more details please reach out to

Legato Classical Music Festival in New York City - August 2021.

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