Work with us

We have a wide range of current research interests and are more than happy to discuss potential new projects.


Our capabilities in the visible spectrum allow us to probe low dimensional materials (such as nanotubes, TMDs), semiconductor materials (such as perovskite), and photonic structures.

Our capabilities in the infrared are suited to studies of molecular and biological systems.

We have specialisms in 2D materials, biological physics, physical chemistry, and nano-structured materials science.

Collaborate with us

Please fill in an expression of interest form and email it to and We will get in contact to begin a consultation on what experiments you would like performed. Depending on the scope of the project, we can either perform the measurements for you, or provide training for you to do the measurements yourself.

Expression of interest form – coming soon

The current use of the centre is sponsored by an EPSRC grant and therefore is free for academic users (although the expense of any used AFM cantilevers must be covered).

The expected cost to use the centre once the EPSRC grant is finished is £500 per half-day, plus the expense of any used AFM cantilevers. For longer projects lower rates may apply.

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