Registration declaration

When you register on your Course, you will be required to sign up to the University’s Registration Declaration.

  • Declaration: I hereby accept and agree to observe the Charter, Statutes and Regulations of the University of Sheffield in force at any one time.
  • Data Protection: Your personal data will be processed by the University of Sheffield in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018, as well as all legislation enacted in the UK in respect of the protection of personal data ("Data Protection Legislation").
  • I confirm that the personal data I have provided is accurate and complete.
  • I understand that the University, the Government and their respective agencies (including the police) may seek to verify the accuracy of this information, and may do this by reference to personal data held by other institutions and agencies. I am aware that, if appropriate, information about my enrolment, attendance and progress at this establishment may be passed to the Home Office for purposes connected with immigration.
  • I understand that my personal data will be processed by the University where this is necessary for the performance of the University's contract with me and/or for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the University and/or tasks carried out by the University in the public interest and may also be shared with third parties that process data on the University's behalf to support the University in fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities to and relationship with me.
  • Such third parties include the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to carry out the National Student Survey and surveys of student finances. These organisations and their contractors will use your details only for that purpose, and in accordance with the Student Collection Notice. I have read and understand the Student Collection Notice which sets out how HESA will use my student data.
  • I understand that additional information about the legal bases on which my personal data is processed and the third parties with whom it may be shared, (and further details in relation to those third parties) is available in the Student Privacy Notice.
  • Course Dates: I acknowledge that:
    • my registration starts and ends on the dates listed on my record for this academic period
    • the expected end date of my course is as listed on my record..
  • If you are a PhD student and registering on a date after the registration start date shown above, please note that your expected end date will not be extended. If you wish to change your registration start date to a later date, and extend your expected end date accordingly, please contact your department to confirm the change before you click the 'Register' button, as you will not be able to change the registration start date after you have registered.
  • I confirm that I have read and understood the Essential Reading information provided to me as part of my Pre-registration with the University.
  • I acknowledge that for the duration of my registration with the University of Sheffield, I may not enrol in any other degree or qualification, without having been granted permission by the University, as specified in the General University Regulations, and that any such permission must be sought in advance.

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