Electoral Register

If you're British, or a Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland citizen you are entitled to register to vote in all elections in Britain.



As part of your registration with the University, you will be given the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to be included on the Sheffield electoral register (via a task entitled Student Voter Details), so that you can vote in national and local elections.

If you wish to register to vote while you are a resident in Sheffield, you can provide your details for this purpose when you register with the University. This information will then be securely transferred to Sheffield City Council, who will check your eligibility to vote. If you are eligible, they will add you to the electoral register.

If you haven't registered to vote in Sheffield before, please think about doing so as you settle into life at the University.

Why should I be on the electoral register?

If you are not registered, you can't vote. The electoral register is also used in credit referencing, for example when you buy a mobile phone or open a bank account. Some employers also check credit referencing.

I'm not British, can I vote?

Commonwealth and Republic of Ireland citizens are entitled to register and vote in all elections in Britain. Citizens of European Union states are entitled to register and vote in local and European elections.

I'm already registered at my home address

It is worth checking that you still are. You are entitled to be registered at home and your University address. At local council elections you can vote in both as well.

I'm not interested in voting

Voting is not compulsory so you can choose whether to vote or not.

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