What is the South Yorkshire Office for Data Analytics (SYODA) Pilot?

The pilot is a programme that seeks to highlight the potential for, and benefits of, data-driven collaboration to support evidence-based decision making by regional partners. 

The programme will deliver five regional research projects based on policy priorities defined by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, utilising academic knowledge, broad data access, and analytical expertise at the University of Sheffield.

The pilot will also investigate how a permanent service could be effectively established to meet the policy needs of regional partners, including developing a business case for future investment and defining a collaborative operating model.

Why has the pilot been established?

The pilot has been established in response to the long-term and ongoing needs of policy makers in South Yorkshire to increase the quality and quantity of evidence upon which critical regional strategy and policy is based.  

Through collecting evidence, sharing data, mapping capabilities, increasing regional analytical capacity and developing collaborative solutions to systemic and/or entrenched strategic challenges, stronger and more ‘joined-up’ policies can be created whose impacts can be effectively monitored.. This has the potential to deliver insightful forecasting, impactful funding calls/applications, more targeted economic interventions and increased social benefits.

The pilot is an acknowledgement of these challenges, and we hope and anticipate that it will result in meaningful long-term positive change.

Who is involved in the pilot? 

The pilot has been co-funded by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and the University of Sheffield. A Programme Board consisting of representatives from both organisations was established to oversee its implementation.

Any permanent service would be expected to have a much broader representation from partner organisations across South Yorkshire on the Programme Board.

What will happen at the conclusion of the pilot? 

Along with its five pilot projects  the South Yorkshire Office for Data Analytics (SYODA) will:

1) Produce a business case will deliver the benefits for the creation of a permanent SYODA service. 

2) We anticipate that the results will provide a solid evidence base for funding a permanent SYODA service, as well as a clear rationale for future investment.

How can I get involved? 

We want the service to be a collaborative programme for all partners across South Yorkshire. 

For the pilot, we’d be really keen to understand if you could share any data that will provide additional insight for its five projects and how we can share outputs/findings most effectively to support your policy making.

For the permanent service, we’d really appreciate your detailed input into its approach and operation, to ensure that it meets your needs and can provide the maximum value and benefit to South Yorkshire.

We’ll be sending out monthly updates to keep you in touch with the pilot, and arranging meetings to discuss its development and the creation of a permanent service. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us below:

James Cokeham, Regional Economic Development Manager, University of Sheffield.

T: 07988 787519

E: j.a.cokeham@sheffield.ac.uk

Jonathan Guest, Senior Economic Policy Manager, South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

E: jonathan.guest@southyorkshire-ca.gov.uk

T: 07795 826562