Hydrogen Conversion

This project will allow the South Yorkshire region to be better prepared for changes in infrastructure that may occur as the economy shifts towards the provision of energy through lower emission energy sources such as hydrogen.

A photo of an electric car charging

The project will establish and illustrate the potential for hydrogen conversion across South Yorkshire and also identify the capacity of the electrical grid network.

Project aims

Part A: Hydrogen Conversion 

  • Identify the users and processes of the region that could convert to hydrogen
  • Identify the potential clusters of users for mini networks
  • Identify the electrical capacity requirements for Electrolysis (separation of water via electricity, using an electrolyzer to produce hydrogen fuel)
  • Identify users that could utilise a hydrogen/natural gas blend.

Part B: Grid Capacity:

Identify the capacity of the existing electrical network to support:

  • The electrification of domestic and commercial heating systems
  • The electrification of transport (e.g. electric charging points)
  • Plus the roll out of distributed renewables such as household photovoltaics or forms of commercial renewable energy generation.

You can access the project report(s) below:

Policy summary 

Read the summary

Full report

Read the full report

Watch the Hydrogen Conversion webinar

Project team:

Professor Solomon Brown (Principal Investigator).  

Flora Biggins (Research Associate).

Thomas Cowley (Research Associate).

Tim Hutty (Research Associate).