Regional Emissions

The South Yorkshire region has no overarching framework for the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions so this project will review the available data sources and assess opportunities to improve on these data sets using new methods or other regional datasets and knowledge.

Smoke billowing out of chimney in power plant

The most viable datasets will be selected to build into a framework which will be open-source and accessible to the public. This project will lay the groundwork for additional work that will allow for the budgeting of emissions reduction interventions across the region, and also for the forecasting of the impact of proposed emissions reduction policies and interventions. 

Project aims

  • Log emissions data that can apply to the region, available from a range of sources
  • Assess these data to understand where additionality could be gained by adopting a similar methodology within the region or integrating them with regional data / knowledge
  • Build appropriate datasets into an initial framework that can be expanded later
  • Make this framework publicly accessible.