About us

The University of Sheffield has been publishing online courses on FutureLearn since 2013.

During this time, engaging with a diverse and rich global community of over 600,000 joiners has helped shape our understanding of online learning. As educational developers alongside academic educators we have uncovered new ways of delivering learning within varied areas of expertise and have been discovering how useful online courses can be in attracting new audiences to our teaching excellence and offering flexible new routes into HE. 

Project headline stats: 7,422 TUOS webpage clicks from FutureLearn.com

The Online Learning Team

Online learning team: Layla Croll, Dave Holloway, Laura Giles, Rob Spark, Chris Black, Kieran Bently

Professor Marie Kinsey, Academic Lead

Layla Croll, Production Manager and Team Leader

Dave Holloway, Production Manager  

Laura Giles, Educational Developer

Rob Spark, Educational Content Developer 

Chris Black, Production Assistant 

Kieran Bentley, Animator

  • We are a small team within Academic and Learning Services who develop online curricula, design and create learning content and manage projects.

  • We support and work alongside staff over a development period of months, helping to shape and translate their subject expertise into segmented, engaging online learning experiences.

  • We also work within the Digital Commons initiative, helping to bring staff together with support to develop new and innovative learning and teaching ideas.

  • We have enabled staff to produce courses that attract professionals and non-traditional audiences, and have helped potential applicants to access examples of university teaching. 

Dr Julia Bishop, School of Education and educator on Exploring Play

Dr Julia Bishop, Exploring Play

"Taking part in the course as an educator significantly raised my awareness of the work of colleagues, especially those outside my department. It allowed me to engage with a spectrum of interdisciplinary research, giving me new or deeper understandings. The course has greatly extended my knowledge and experience of (and confidence with) e-learning methods, interdisciplinary teaching, and approaches to teaching and learning with diverse student groups."