‘How to Share…’ seminar series

Our How to Share... series contains short, bitesize seminars that look at how best to share different research data types to help you make your research outputs more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and open.

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Informed by success stories across the University, researchers will help share their knowledge and experience of the tasks and processes required to get your outputs in the best shape possible for sharing.

View recordings of recent sessions below. Details of forthcoming sessions will be added to this page when they are scheduled.

Previous seminars 

How to Share…Mixed Methods Data

27th March 2024

Recording available here

Mixed methods methodology aims to combine both qualitative and quantitative outputs to ensure clear, in-depth findings. Making these elements complement each other, however, is a complex task. Philip Powell from the Sheffield Centre for Health and Related Research will discuss the potential pitfalls but overall benefits of sharing both these data types together and why this will benefit other researchers, as well as some of the steps that had to be taken to make these data ready for sharing.

How to Share…Big Data

20th March 2024

Recording available here

Max Champneys is a postdoc from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He currently has the largest single deposit in the University’s institutional repository ORDA. The dataset consists of three large-scale ground vibration test campaigns on a Hawk aircraft (as flown by the Red Arrows), representing many hours of high frequency data-collection. For this data, an API package was also created to allow users to access only the data that they require.

It is an excellent example of seeing data as an end output and considering, and solving, problems that people might have accessing certain data.

How to Share….Different Data Types at Once (ahead of a conference)

14th March 2024

Recording available here

Nicola Morley is a professor and head of the department of Materials Science and Engineering. Her research is focused on functional magnetic materials, including magnetic films for devices and sensors.

In this session Nicola will talk about her experiences in creating and depositing data in the University’s institutional repository ORDA, including giving guidance learned from experimenting with the process, and how it was helpful in disseminating her work at conferences.

Her most recent deposit is a perfect example of how collections can be utilised to keep different data elements together while allowing for different metadata to be applied.

How to Share… Survey Data

7th November 2023

Recording available here

In this session, Aneta Piekut from the Sheffield Methods Institute explores both the positive and negative experiences she has had with sharing survey data, as well as imparting helpful, actionable guidance, focusing on the main philosophy that sharing data is easier if preparation is done across the project.

Aneta's most recent dataset is an exemplar deposit of survey data. This has been made openly available to allow other researchers to benefit from the work Aneta and team did in collecting and processing the data.

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